Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TOS Crew Review - 2009 Schoolhouse Planner

This is my first official review of the year for the TOS Review Crew.

When I found out we were reviewing The 2009 Schoolhouse Planner I was apprehensive. Oh boy, I thought, this review is going to be a hard one for me. I do not buy ready made planners. I make my own planner pages in word processing and spreadsheet programs. How am I going to review this? But when I got the planner and opened it I was pleasantly surprised! Free Smileys

This planner has all the normal pages that a planner should have like calendar and curriculum pages but with 375 pages it is the ULTIMATE Planner!

One of the great features I love is that it is a pdf that you can type in! You can type your information into the planner and then print it out. That makes it easy to keep track of all your homeschool stuff and keep things nice and neat instead of handwritten. Another great feature is that you can save multiple copies of the planner, so you could enter information in a planner for each child and/or one for yourself, and save them all separately. The planner makes it so easy! The blue parts that are highlighted in the picture below are the areas you can type in. If you click on the picture below you will see the details of a screenshot I took while typing in my planner. As you see it tells you that you can save data typed into the planner.

There are a number of forms I have already printed and a number of forms I plan to use over the next year. One of the most interesting to me was the Community Service Record. Community service is an important part of our children's lives and we like to serve the community as a family. Unfortunately, I have not done a great job of keeping track of this. This form will make it so easy to keep good records for this and will make a great addition to our portfolios, especially for my son who is in high school. The "type it in" feature again makes it easy to use. You can type in the information each time the child does community service and save the information and then when you have a whole page you can print it out and put it in the portfolio! Click on the picture below to see a larger view if you want to see the details they include.

The planner has a "looooong" list of items included in it. I put a link down near the bottom of my post and you can see the complete table of contents, so I will not copy that here. You can also see more details at the other links below. With those links and my review hopefully you will have a great idea of the quality of this planner.

Some of my other favorite forms in the planner are the Audio/Visual log, the Crafts Completed This Year page (for me to use and my daughters may want to use this one too), Continuing Education page (for me to use), and I already printed a couple of the gardening pages for my daughter. I will probably also use the calendar pages to keep track of the review that I have to do for the TOS Review Crew.

One of the other neat features of the planner is that it has a different homeschool topic for each month. There is an article by a prominent homeschooler, most with added charts or posters, and all with a resource list of extra things on the same topic all sold by the TOS Store, who always has free shipping by the way. The two I found the most interesting were the one on lapbooking and the one on homeschooling around the world. To go with the homeschooling around the world article, there are ABC's of Landforms pages that look especially good. I will be using them next year in school. There was one page with the information filled in and then pages for the kids to write on.

The picture below shows the calendar pages for July along with the article and charts for The Thirteen Colonies. Another feature is two recipes for each month of the year, some of them look quite yummy and we will be trying them out. In the picture below you can see the July Recipes.

The Planner has something for everyone. Preschool Activities and planner sheets, Elementary, High School, and lots of things for Mom. There is even stuff for Dad. There is a Car Maintenance Schedule and an Inventory of Major Appliances and Electronics.

Out of five stars I give this

You get all these features for only $39 dollars and since it is an e-book download you can have your planner seconds after you buy it and be typing and printing before you know it! So I give it my good value icon:

So, do you want to have a more organized homeschool next year? Then I highly recommend you buy The 2009 Schoolhouse Planner! Free Smileys

Here is the link for the Table of Contents (you should be able to view it online or download it).

For more details, and more pictures of the items in the planner, and to buy your copy go to the following link: The 2009 Schoolhouse Planner.

You can also see more details about the planner and see what my other crew members think about the Planner before you buy it by going to the TOS Homeschool Crew's Official Blog.

I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope you check out the Planner!

Leave me a comment if you want and if you have any questions, just ask.



John said...

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Fantastic pictures and template.

I like your blog.

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Sheri said...

I have received your request and will let ya know the details, but will send it via email...I am proud of ya...great job! Shamefully, our community service has been weak (usually cuz I have no car as of late) so that is something we're working on.

I agree-it is worth it ($39) since you can reuse and reuse. Will be emailing you soon. It has been a crazy, crazy week. Very crazy. I could post about 4 more laughable situations but don't think I will...too exhausted to. Look for my email by the end of the weekend (have my eldest son's bday tomorrow, hubby still gone, those crazy situations and such-so don't think I forgot ya....)

Blessings, and again-Tres Bien (French for very good!)


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