Saturday, May 2, 2009

Library Book Sale

One of my readers asked about where I buy/find the books I use for History. (See that post here). Yesterday my husband and I were out doing some errands and we stopped at a Library near our home, not our closest Library but one about 20 minutes from our home, still in our county, and covered by our county library card. They happened to be having a book sale. I walked in and did a few things and then headed for the room with the book sale. As I walked in a couple of ladies were sitting by the door. One said, "Grab a paper bag there." So I turned and saw a pile of paper bags like you would get at a normal grocery store. "You can fill a bag and all the books you can fit in there are just $5.", she said.

WOW!!! Great Deal!!

I grabbed a bag and started looking... and looking... and putting things in the bag... and looking... you get the idea. They had books, hardback and paperback; books on tape (cassette) and video tapes.

I got through all the stuff and ended near the front where the kids books were.

"Can the books stick up out of the bag?" I asked.
"Sure," she said.

"Do I have to be able to pick the bag up off the floor?" I asked, with a smile.
"Yes!" she answered with a chuckle.

My bag was already sitting on the floor next to me because it was to heavy as I continued to browse and add books to my bag.

Below you will see many pictures of the finds I got yesterday and of the kids looking at all the "goodies" I brought home.

Look What I Got For $5!!!

This is the bag of books. Full to the brim and spilling over!

A side view so you can see how full the bag really was.

The kids looking at the books
and part of Christopher in the lower left hand corner

Nathan and Jessica

They could not wait to unpack them and see what I had gotten.

Here are all the books, cassettes and one movie I got for $5
All laid out!
42 items in all

5 book on tape sets
1 movie
36 books

Yes I will say it again because I can hardly believe it myself

All for only $5

Thank You, Lord for this bountiful blessing!!

Below are pictures of the books a little closer up... sections of the books while they were laying on the floor.

Science, History, Poetry, Art, Crafts, Diet and a couple of kids fiction.

You can click on each of the pictures to see them larger. That should allow you to see each book title more clearly.

I will not bore you with the complete list of everything I got.

If you have questions about a specific book, tape set or the movie just ask in the comments and I will let you know the exact title, author and give a link.

If someone does have a question I will post it as an update on a new blog post.

Just one note: this photo shows the only movie I picked up
Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg.
We have been to Williamsburg a couple of times but never at Christmas. I thought this would be fun and it did not take up to much room in my bag.

There is only one problem...
None of these were on my list of books we need for next year! LOL

But they were all good books,

of the types my kids enjoy,

of series or publishers that we take out of the library often,

AND they were only $5!!! LOL

I hope you all enjoyed that.
Thank you again, Lord, for this wonderful, unexpected blessing
Many crafts will be made, books read by my kids and grand kids (some day), and tapes listened to from this purchase.


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Bobby & Jennifer said...

Debbie, that was a great deal. Congratulations.

I am looking forward to going to our local library in the Fall. They get all their books from donations and anything that is general curriculum or homeschool related, they give away to homeschoolers in Aug.


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