Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy Week - Spring Cleaning

You may have noticed I have not posted much this week. That is because all this week we have been doing Spring Cleaning.

Last week was our last week of school so this week was Spring Cleaning week.

Monday we did some of the windows upstairs. That is quite a feat. If you have seen the amount of stuff on the table in my room then you know what I am talking about. If you have not seen it you can look at this post if you want. The whole thing had to be cleaned off and it was all piled up on my bed. I wish my daughter or I had thought to take a picture of the pile that would have been a great photo. Sometimes you have to make a big mess in order to clean and organize things.
Nathan helping clean my windows

We have to do the upstairs windows first because in order to clean the tracks of the window we poor water in them and it drips down onto the windows of the first floor.

While I had the table empty and moved I also vacuumed behind and under it before putting the boxes back under and then organized my Scrapbook stuff.

While Nathan, Jessica and I were doing that Rachel was cleaning the Laundry room.

Rearranging the shelves wiping the appliances and mopping the floor.

On Tuesday we did the Living room (sorry no pictures). We did the windows, dusted and polished the piano, cleaned up the kids computer desk, and did general cleaning and organizing. Rachel also organized the bookshelf at the landing of the steps to the basement which hold our dvd's.

Wednesday was the biggest cleaning day. We did the Dining room and Kitchen.
Rachel emptied and wiped off each of the shelves in this closet.

Then because the shelves are particleboard we had to flip them because over time they bow.

So we flipped them to even them out. That was not as easy as I thought and it took Rachel and I and a hammer to get it done.

Then Rachel wiped some of the stuff, organized it and put it all back.

While she was doing that Jessica and I started on the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. I am not sure what the red stuff was on the bottom of this drawer but I think it was cherry extract. It actually ate through the particle board a little.

While we were doing that Nathan started cleaning off the bookshelf we keep in the Dining Room for our school stuff.

Then I cleaned out one of the bottom cabinets and I needed to reach something in the very back corner. This cabinet goes way back to the wall and has only this one door as access. Jessica took this picture of me trying to reach waaaaaay back.

Then Christopher "climbed" in to wipe it out!


ROFLOL!!! Too Funny!!!

This is one of the cabinets Jessica cleaned and organized.

When Rachel was done the closet in the Dining Room she cleaned out this cabinet.
and had a great time organizing her sprinkles

Christopher worked on the school bookcase a little.

I wiped the wall behind the stove. It gets splattered with grease.

Thursday Morning Rachel had knitting class, so we did not do much cleaning.

Today the boys have been working on their room, and the did a little bit yesterday.
Here is the mess they have to tackle!!!

They are mostly playing around and blaming each other for not working.
When they get it done I will post some after pictures.

This morning I had Bible Study and this afternoon we were getting ready to go to my Sister's (my Mom lives with her) for dinner. Rachel, Jessica and I are staying over and going to a Mother/Daughter banquet tomorrow. Then we will be home and my Mom is coming with us. We still have a few windows to do, and we have the basement to clean up. I have some more to do in my bedroom but those will have to wait.

Well, that was our week. I will post pictures of the Mother/Daughter Banquet early next week and the pictures of the boys clean room. I will also be brave and post before and after pictures of our basement.

Have a great relaxing Saturday and a God filled, blessed Sunday


Sheri said...

You're hired. Send the girls and yourself to my place-I can find some areas that need to be wiped, dusted, organized and sorted thru. I hope you don't charge too much tho-LOL.
Cute pics.
Have a nice weekend!

Bobby & Jennifer said...

ooooh! I really need to do spring cleaning too, but we are not done with school yet............
We did clean the windows! Hubby was changing the screens and we went ahead and cleaned the windows, but that is all we have done.


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