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Homeschool Weekly - Week Ending 05-01-09

This was another great week for school.
Remeber, I like links so...

Each of the names of the books we use below is also a link to the book, a place where you can see it and buy it if you want to.

So if you are interested in the resources I use just click the link to see a picture of it and a place to purchase it if you want.

The links are in yellow before you click them and pink after you click them.


We covered from lesson 75 - 78
Mystery of History Vol. 2 Early Church-Middle Age
and that covered these subjects
  • The Hundred Years War
  • The Black Death of Europe
  • The Ming Dynasty
  • John Wycliffe

We also read similar topics/time periods in:
Famous Men of the Middle Ages ch 28 - 30
Story of the Middle Ages ch. cxv - cxxxii
100 Most Important Events in Christian History pg.

In Medieval Messenger we read about
  • The Hundred Years War
  • The Black Death of Europe
  • Peasant Revolt
  • Longbows vs. Crossbows
  • more strange superstitions about healing/medicine
  • Travel Agent advertisement... LOL and some other Advertisements
  • Astrology Reading which, since we don't believe in such things and reads more like History... or instance Cancers astrology reading for the year says, "Dig a big cellar and be prepared to hide there when Mongol hordes burn your house down..." It is really just a history of the bad or good things that could/did happen in the Middle Ages.
  • Messenger Comment - a section of looking back to the Dark Ages... seeing how far they have come in the Middle Ages.. and "predicting" the future
  • Eating habbits in the Middle Ages
  • Farming Practices
  • Troubadour Tales
  • Hanseatic League
  • A funny story about the origin of the Baker's Dozen
  • and some Clothing Ads from a Mail-Order Catalog... LOL
In Everyday Life: Middle Ages we read and did some pages from chapter 9 on Tuesday and ch 10 on Friday

In Choosing Your Way Through the World’s Medieval Past we did the following chapters:
  • chapter 15 - about Mali and Mansa Musa (which made the boys want to play Where in Time is Carmen San Diego, because there is an episode with Mansa Musa in there)
  • chapter 16 - about the Black Death
They also:
  • put Timeline Figures in their Timeline
  • did mini books to add to our Middle Ages Lapbook - freebies from homeschool share The Plague Unit & Lapbook. There were lots of mini books for this free unit so we took two days to complete them. I had this on last weeks list of things we did by mistake. We did it all this week.
  • Did the mini books for our Middle Ages lapbook: Amazing Facts about the Middle Ages (three of these mini books)
For Science:
We did Five Kids and a Monkey Banish the Stinkies. The last of the books from this series. We read the book on Monday and did the activities in the Unit Study booklet on Tues. - Thursday. I did an Amazon search and found the link to the book above but they said the set with the unit study book is not available anymore... that's too bad, it is great fun!

On Friday we played Body Bingo

Nathan Teaching Textbooks Geometry
Christopher Saxon 76

Language Arts
Copywork - whatever they want
Nathan - Easy Grammar Plus
Christopher - Daily Grams Grade 6

That was our week. Only one more week of school to go!!!
I hope your week was great too.

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