Monday, May 4, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook for the week of May 4, 2009

FOR TODAY... Monday, May 4, 2009

Outside my window... raining... again but lots of flowers and vegetables growing in our gardens

I am thinking... about all we have to do this last week of school

I am thankful for... My Growth Group (bible study group from church)

From the learning rooms... as I said last week of school: finish Middle Ages year long study (except for extra Historical Fiction that we did not get done and will be Summer Reading for the boys [and I will get some of it done but I am not sure if I will get to read it all I have a lot of projects to do]), finish off last details of year long Human Body unit study and maybe do some of a Bee lapbook if we have time, do some lapbook minis for our Artist Caspar David Friedrick and our Composer Franz Listz and finish up other subjects.

From the kitchen... ??? no idea... need to do menu planning

I am wearing... p.j.'s and bathrobe... I will get dressed as soon as I post this

I am creating... nothing but I have a few projects I need to work on

I am going... no where this week except to the Library

I am reading... Luke's Story

I am hoping... for a sunny Mother's Day

I am hearing... only street sounds... the kids are still sleeping... I will get them up as soon as I post this

Around the house... not much this week, just keep up with regular chores... next week after school is over is Spring Cleaning Week

One of my favorite things... lunch dates with my dear Hubby

A few plans for the rest of the week: school, blogging, let's see whose day is it this week??? I think it is Jessica's turn to spend the afternoon with me and her day is Tuesday, I think; lots of wrap up things to do for the end of school, that is really the focus this week!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Lilacs from our front yard and a rose I won last weekend at the Ladies Spring Refresher

If you want to join us go to The Simple Woman's Daybook and do the regular Daybook or click the link for joining the My 20 Favorite things or ... or do both today or different days.


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AllyJo said...

I used to love lunch dates with my husband too. Those were so lovely. He works from home now. You gave me an idea. I think I'll talk to him about having lunch dates again, just to get away for an hour, even if it's outside with peanut butter and honey...our favorite.

have a good week.


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