Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blast From The Past - Nathan and Ag Day 1996

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This week I am featuring Nathan and Ag Day 1996, though the girls and I are also in some of the pictures. Ag Day is a day that the local University - U of D (University of Delaware) puts on a day where they showcase their agriculture and nature through educational exhibits, tours, and activities. The kids used to love it, we have not attended for a few years though. Here is a link so you can see what this years event was like... we missed it again.

Well back to 1996...

Nathan loved the sheep
(so sweet)

and the piglets
(so cute)

He liked the piglets so much it was hard to pull him away,
to give other kids a chance to see them,
and so we could move on to see other things
(everyone wanted to pet the piglets, they were really cute)

Then they had a demonstration of sheep sheering

We also saw and got to hold some baby chicks.
I know a lot of homeschoolers get eggs and watch baby chicks hatch,
I am an eclectic, free-in-my-own-way Mom,
but we have never hatched baby chicks at home.

The girls enjoyed the baby chicks, also.
sweet memories!

Well, that's all the photos for this Ag Day. Other years I have pictures of us on a hay ride, of the girls riding a bike that was the "motor" to shoot water high in the air, and picture of the adult hens and roosters, including the Delaware Blue Hen.

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Jessica said...

Those are so adorable mom! I forgot about that! It was a lot of fun! Thanks for being a relaxed enough home-schooler that we could go and do that! I had a blast! LOL!

Love from your daughter,


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