Thursday, July 18, 2013

Think Back Thursday ~ Black and White 2

Tomorrow July 18th 
Black and White 2 old photo taken in black and white or one that you tweak in your photo program to make into a black and white photo.

I made it Black and White 2 because we did this theme before... not that anyone would look back and see what I posted before... but just for my information.

I am featuring old black and white family photos of me from when I was young... we were on a family vacation to Bushkill Falls. In the pictures I look to be about 4yrs. old, maybe 3, I am not sure... there were no dates anywhere. I am also sharing a couple flower photos that I fiddled with yesterday in Picasa. I think they look good in black and white, what do you think???

 Bushkill Falls Photos
 My brother Bob and I in the hotel pool.

He was a good big brother, most of the time. He is the closest to me in age. He was 9 when I was born.

I am adorable... if I do say so myself.

 The picture below is how I know where we were. It is a double exposure. Can you see me on the left under the 'I Can't Bear to Leave Bushkill Falls sign which was NOT right next to those falls?? LOL

 A goose egg we saw at Longwood Gardens. They had ropes up around it to protect it. It was down by the large pond. So cool in black and white. Such fluffy, soft feathers protecting the delicate egg, with a baby creature that God created inside.

This was a bright yellow flower... looks good in Black and White. I like the contrast, the center, and the darkened area on the tips of the smaller petals nearer the center.

These flowers were actually white... I just made it black and white to take out the grass color. I think it looks cool.

I hope you enjoyed my Black and White photos.
I hope you enjoyed doing Black and White photos of your own.
Thanks especially to my regular participants.
I had it scheduled last night so it was done and is up on time!!! Yeah!!

Future Themes
July 25th Extended Family
Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nephew's, Nieces, Cousins, etc.
(I've got LOADS of photos for this)

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1 comment:

Kym Thorpe said...

I love old family vacation photos like these. My dad always took tons of pictures when we were on vacation - and most often they were developed as slides! I'll have to get some copies when I am visiting home this fall.

I love the double exposure picture and the one of you on the observation deck. The goose egg picture is very interesting!


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