Thursday, July 11, 2013

Think Back Thursday ~ Purple

Today, July 11th

Today I will be featuring family members in Purple and between them pretty purple flowers. Most of the flowers are from Longwood, except for the Hydrangea which is from my front yard. I hope you enjoy my look back. Purple is a favorite color so this week it was a special joy for me to seek out pictures.

Me 1970
The dress is not only purple but it is 100% Polyester. Note the bright purple tights as well. Told you I loved purple. The glasses are classic as well. My mom made this dress, as she did a lot of my clothes.

Rachel age- a few months, 1986
Don't you just love the drool on her chin and those dark blue eyes?

Rachel and I on a hill in Valley Forge National Park in Pennsylvania, 1988
Rachel is 2 yrs. old
see I still loved to wear purple

Jessica, a few days old, 1989
precious angel

Nathan 1996, 2 years old
what an adorable mess
he still loves spaghetti, he just doesn't wear his bowl on his head now
the ice cream scoop was not to eat with... it was his bat

Christopher, almost 3 yrs. old, 1999
cutie with the chocolate face playing on the computer

My mom's birthday 1999

My crazy hubby 2001

Purple masks and coats... Shakespeare in the Backyard
A time to read a play with homeschool friends in a friends back yard... this one was Much Ado About Nothing... a little acting... but mostly reading. Teens played the major parts, parents that could come filled in. Some playing more than one part. Ahhhh, sweet memories.

Here are the photos of my lovely Hydrangea bush in my front yard.

I tried a couple of the fun Picasa photo editing features on this one.
'Loomish' looked the best and is the one I chose to use. It looks cool!

here is the original of that photo

That was lovely. That was fun.
Now it is your turn

Future Themes
July 18th Black and White
an old photo taken in black and white or one that you tweak in your photo program to make into a black and white photo.
July 25th Extended Family
Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nephew's, Nieces, Cousins, etc.

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Chelsey said...

These are great. I LOVE purple too! :)

Kym Thorpe said...

You really do love purple! those hydrangeas are stunning.

Chris said...

your pix are great and the hydrangea is absolutely beautiful what a wonderful plant to have in the front yard


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