Thursday, July 4, 2013

Think Back Thursday ~ Summer

July 4th Summer
I decided to share some really old photos... of me and my parents.
Summer 1970
I was 9 years old.
Evidently we went on a trip to Williamsburg.

Sleeveless Dresses
Summer Vacations
Summer Sandles

Me - A stop on our way south

 My daddy


 I am not sure where this is. It doesn't look like Williamsburg.

 and neither does this... to modern a cannon. I have no idea where we are. Maybe some place on the way to Virginia... maybe in Virginia... don't know. But definitely part of the same vacation. I am wearing the same dress as in the picture below...
 at one of the hotels we stayed at.

 Daddy and I and someone's puppy... NOT ours. We had cats, but never a dog.

 Now we are in Williamsburg

 My mom is the one looking at the camera... I believe this is just outside the Governor's Palace. I have no idea who the other people are... as far as I know they were not with us... maybe just other people from the group when we toured the Palace.

 Me and some Williamsburg sheep

 A reenactment with soldiers, and guns being shot off.

A barn, somewhere in Williamsburg I assume.

 One of the places where reenactors demonstrate real crafts that people from the time period did.

My mom and I in front of the laundry

I am sorry to say I don't really remember this trip. A lot of things from my childhood I only know because someone told me or I saw it in a photo. I am so glad to have these photos though. Memories of happy times with my parents.

Boy, my dresses were short. Love my socks and dress and that mom was wearing dresses in all the photos too. Not that we wore dresses all the time... but that we dressed up on our vacation. My 'cat' glasses were popular at the time. I still have a pair form my childhood that I kept.

The quality of the photos is partly because of the camera we had... not a really good one... and partly that my parents, mostly my mom, was always taking blurry pictures or cutting people's heads off. Those facts are part of the memories as well. It makes me smile. I try to hard to get good photos now. Taking multiple shots most of the time to assure at least one good one. I still only have an ok camera though. I love my point and shoot Nikon Coolpix. Hubby and my dd's use our professional camera but I am happy with mine, not that I wouldn't like a better camera, I would. But at least my camera is mine and I don't have to share or 'fight' for use of it when we take trips like my husband and daughter do with the professional camera.

Summer FUN
Now it is your turn.

Future Themes
July 11th Purple
July 18th Black and White
an old photo taken in black and white or one that you tweak in your photo program to make into a black and white photo.
July 25th Extended Family
Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nephew's, Nieces, Cousins, etc.

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Cristi said...

I love seeing all of your old pictures. I need to go see what treasures I can dig up at my parents' house sometime.

I haven't been doing Think-Back-Thursday lately, but I dug up some purple pictures to share this week. I might be a day or two late signing the linky, but they should be up Thursday morning. :)


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