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Reading Challenge ~ April Update

Reading Challenge 2012

My goal for reading this year was to read 52 books or more in 2012. That is one book a week. I am proud that I am doing so well. I hope to continue to read more than I am supposed to. I don't want to just slump one month because I am already ahead in reading.

I am currently reading 11 books. Some for school, some for personal reading, some for devotions. I will be adding a new book for History tomorrow another Haydn book. Some will be finished in a few days, some will be finished in a few weeks, some will not be finished until the end of the year.

I love reading!

You can explore so much of our past and present and gain so much knowledge and encouragement! Also, reading is and can be Fun!

Read A Book Today!

Each month for the Reading Challenge we are supposed to do an update and link up. This month I read....

The Story of Haydn
A very good book about the whole life of Haydn. Well written and as good as a Landmark book, it is, however, a Signature book and not a Landmark.

With Clive in India
A pretty good Henty but not as good as some of my favorites. There is a lot of battle talk in this one. This part of the army moved here and fought these guys, over and over... sometimes I was confused. Other than that it was a good book. An interesting look at the power struggles between the English and French over the country of India.

A Time for Peace
The third book in this series. I enjoyed each one. This one covers trust, betrayal, infertility, and taking care of the elderly I am looking forward to reading more books by Cameron, Barbara

A Morning Cup of Prayer for Friends: A Daily Guided Devotional for a Lifetime of Inspiration and Peace [With CD]
I have not listened to the cd yet but the book was good. It gave me some of the inspiration I needed to make real the commitments to pray for my friends and their needs. I have been writing down the requests my friend make and when I say I will pray I mean it. I pray for them right then and I pray for them later as well because I have written it down and I will refer to the note at later times during my devotions. 

God's Priorities for Today's Woman: Discovering His Plan for You
Our book for Ladies Bible Study. We have LBS every 1st and 3rd Friday so it took us a long while to read this book. 15 chapters about 8 months of reading. This will be one I read over again. A really good book with lots of good biblical wisdom about most of  the major areas of a woman's life. Great for those who are married with children but also most of the book will apply to those not married or without children. We had all ages of women in our group some married, some not, some with young children, some with grown children and everything in between.

Daughter of Joy (Brides of Culdee Creek #1)
A great Christian Fiction. I hope to be able to read more from this series. I got this for free for my Nook/Kindle. I have checked the public library and they carry the rest of the series. I ordered the next one and I can't wait for it to come in... Not that I don't have plenty of reading material currently at home.

Catherine the Great (World Landmark Books #29)
A very good book. I never knew much about Catherine the Great from Russia. This book was just great. Very informative and well written. 

That is 7 books in April!! I am now 8 book ahead!

Here are the previous updates if you are interested:

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