Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reading Challenge ~ February Update

Reading Challenge 2012

My goal for reading this year was to read 52 books or more in 2012. That is one book a week. Thanks to the fact that I was ahead last month I am still fine in my reading challenge and still ahead by one book. Actually, I am a little disappointed. I have a fiction book that I am almost done reading. I wish I had finished it in February, I only had 50 pages left. I want to read the amount of books each month that I should or more... and stay ahead.

 Each month for the Reading Challenge we are supposed to do an update and link up. This month I read....
Daniel Boone: Young Hunter and Tracker (Childhood of Famous Americans)
  (History Read-Aloud for school)

Creation Facts of Life
(Science Read-Aloud for school) 

All in the Timing (Tales from Grace Chapel Inn, #12)
(personal Christian fiction, for fun)  

That is 3 books in February!! I am 1 book ahead!
I hope I can do better in March because I don't want to get behind.

I am Currently Reading 15 books!! - I really need to get some of these read. I will not start anything new until I finish a significant number of the books I have already started. Some of them I was reading to the boys and then they finished reading them on their own. I still want to finish them.

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Me said...

wow, 15 books at once! that's a lot!


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