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Blast From The Past ~ Civil War Ball, March 25, 2000

We were privileged to go to three Civil War Balls in 2000, 2001, and 2002.
The first ball we went to was just Court and Rachel and I.
Rachel was part of the homeschool Civil War reenactment group which was called Bonnets and Bayonets.
Bonnets and Bayonets put on the Civil War Ball.
2000 was the very first Ball they did.
I will post the other year's balls in the next few weeks.
They still have the Civil War Ball every year in our area.
It is run by homeschool graduates now.
I wish we could go to the Civil War Ball again. It was such fun.
But we don't have the money for the tickets and we don't have the money to make outfits. None of us girls fit in our ball gowns and the boys never have gotten to go.

I hope you enjoy the photos.
I have enjoyed the look back.

Me (I have no idea what my son Nathan is doing, lol)

 Our Hair

 Rachel and I
(Rachel is 14 yrs. old)

 Rachel, Court and I

 A close up of the last photo

 Ready to leave for the Ball.

My hubby took photos of each family group at the Ball.

 The Group Shot
Rachel is sitting on the floor between 2 friends on the right side of the photo
I am standing in the front row 2nd from the right of the photo
(Court took this also)

Rachel Dancing

We did not get to many photos of us dancing because we were busy dancing.
It was a great night.

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