Monday, September 5, 2011

Fearlessly Feminine Challenge 2011 ~ Day 2

I am joining up with this challenge this week.

What is FF2011 all about?
The challenge is to wear only skirts or dresses for the entire week and take a picture of yourself, head to toe, to share on your blog, facebook, email, or wherever...  Go to Swinging on Small Hinges, grab a button and link up!  Over the course of a week we will report to one another how we feel, what others thought and what we liked or disliked about wearing a skirt.  That's it!  It is that easy!

I wanted to be comfortable. The red shirt is one I bought with a gift card I got for my 50th birthday this summer. I must wear these special, expensive, sneakers on a daily basis because of a heal spur problem I have. My tan skirt and my old, faded jean skirt with a bleach spot on it, are my most comfortable. I have not planned my outfits for each day. I am just taking it day by day with what I feel like wearing.

 In the comments on my post from yesterday Jennifer said... "I'm curious why you are undertaking this challenge. Do you mind sharing?"

That is a good question but I am not sure how well I can answer it. I saw the challenge a week or more ago and I knew at once that I wanted to join. I am still not sure how I feel about wearing skirts vs. pants. My daughters have been wearing skirts only for years. I want to honor my Lord and my husband. He is ok with my wearing pants though I think he would prefer me to wear skirts.

I am going to be honest here. I hope it is not TMI (too much information). Any guys reading my blog should just skip on to the next paragraph. Ladies you may read the rest of this paragraph if you want. It is not really that bad, just a large girl problem. One of the main reasons I wear pants is that I am overweight and when working, exercising or walking my legs rub together and it is bothersome and can become painful. If I was skinny I would probably wear dresses all the time. Today when I exercised I put my Capri's on under my skirt... they did not even show but they is rather bulky to be wearing all day under my skirt. So far, the rest of the day I have not been active enough for it to bother me.

I am joining this challenge to see what reactions I get from my family, from others, and how I feel about things myself. I am pretty sure that after this week I will still wear my jeans and my other slacks, I may do skirts and dresses more often on weekdays though. I will just have to see.

What do you think? Join us and see how you feel about wearing skirts/dresses.
Click the button at the top to join us.

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Karen said...


I have the same problem (and always will even when legs ALWAYS rubbed together.) If I am wearing a dress without pantyhose then I wear knit shorts underneath. This summer I also picked up a pair of "thigh slimmers" which is an undergarment that is sort of like biking shorts. I got mine at The Dress Barn but you can get them at Wal-Mart too.

Hope this helps...



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