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Come To My Flea Circus!


Ever been to a Flea Circus???
Well now you can have one at your house
Fleas Included

as one of my review items from the TOS Crew.

 This is what is included with this game
20 cats
20 dogs
 and 55 cards
Dogs are worth 2 points, Cats are worth 1

 To play the game you deal 5 cards to each player.
On your turn you choose a card to play and collect the number of spectators (the cats and dogs) from the pile in the middle of the table...
(and this is what makes the game more interesting and competitive)
you  take the cats and dogs from an opponent.
If the flea circus attraction matches one that another player has on the top if their show pile than you take their cats/dogs. So strategy comes into play as to what card to play and when to play it.
There are specialty cards that also add pizazz to the game.

I won't go through all the rules and what each of the cards does.
You can Click Here For Rules they will explain things better than I can.
I asked each of my family members what they thought of the game and their quotes are under the pictures of us playing the game, below.
 Flea Circus is recommended for Ages 6 and Up
  for 2-6 players
With my mom visiting we had 7 players so she played with Rachel

Each time you play a card you pick one up. Unlike in some other games we have played, if you forget to pick up a card you can do it at any time, and you are not penalized by having to play with less card. That is especially nice for younger or forgetful players.

What's up daughter?
Somebody take your doggie???

I know they took a bunch of mine!!
I think I had 3, or less, dogs the whole game.

My opinion of the game is that is takes a lot more time with 6 players. I much preferred playing it with only some of the family. It seemed more fun because it went faster. We had to keep reminding people it was their turn and it took much longer because of the strategic thinking that some were doing. It was a fun time though, and we did laugh a lot and enjoyed playing it all together as a family. I don't think we play games often enough as a family.

My hubby said, "I think this game is fun even though I do not like to play games."

Nathan said, "This game is great for younger kids. Teens and adults are more aggressive, which does not make the game less fun, it just makes it take longer!!"

Poor Rachel and Nanny.
They still only have one doggie.
Rachel was out of it last night. Tired and not feeling to great. She played with us though. She said she can't remember what her first impression of the game was (the boys, Rachel and I had played before) but she said, "It's a fun game and I give it 5 stars." That's about it for her folks.

Christopher said, "Flea Circus is a fun and simple game, fun for the whole family."

Uh, What's up son???
That is a strange expression???
Thinking about whose dogs and cats to "steal" next???

We did not get a picture of Jessica. She was the one taking the photos for me. But, this is her hand so I put this here so I could let you know what she felt about the game. Jessica said, "I like the concept, but the design is juvenile, it would be much better for younger kids."

Rachel and Nan finally got more than one doggie and they have a cat also.

Nathan won the game. My hubby and son Christopher were tied for second.

The Flea Circus game is $15.95 and can be purchased here: Flea Circus

I had each member of the family give me their views of the game which I included in this review and each rated the game. I averaged all the ratings and rounded to the nearest whole because I don't have half stars. Everyone gave the game 5 stars except one 4 1/2... so out of five stars WE give the Flea Circus:

If you would like some other opinions of the Flea Circus game check out what my friends at the TOS Homeschool Crew had to say. Also half of the crew reviewed another of R&R Games' called Pig Pile... so check that out too. It's on the same Crew link and each entry will be marked whether it is Flea Circus or Pig Pile.

***R and R Games, Inc. provided me with Flea Circus and though I received this product for free I have given an honest review of it here in this post.

all content on my blog is ©

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