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Rooted and Grounded ~ a Bible curriculum review


Deeper Roots Publications offers teacher and student books, devotionals, DVDs, CDs, reading books, even parental encouragement books. Their Bible curriculum is suitable for homeschoolers and Christian schools. There are resources for missions and evangelism also.
I was grateful to receive Rooted and Grounded from Deeper Roots Pub. It is geared for grades 10-12 and is a one year curriculum. I have a son in 9th and a son in 12th. We are doing this curriculum together and it is working great. Rooted and Grounded is a topical Bible study covering many of the basics of Christianity and topics include: God's love for others and how we should love, having a relationship with God, God's awesome power, a couple of chapters on prayer, and many others. The lessons are set up so the student does most of the work on their own. Our family, however likes to do Bible together and actually in the review by Cathy Duffy in the front of the teacher guide she says, "This is serious Bible study that would ideally be used by parent and child(ren) together."

Each lesson covers 5 days and begins with a prayer emphasis for an unreached people group. So we spend time before each class praying for our lesson, that the Holy Spirit would open our hearts to what God wants to teach us that day and then one or all of us pray for the unreached people group. There are usually 2 or 3 specific prayer requests and so we each take one and pray on day 1 and then the rest of the week we take turns praying. Each lesson focuses on scripture... reading it and then answering questions which challenge the student to really think and apply the scripture to their lives. Each week there are scriptures to memorize also. On the last day of each week there is a review for the lesson. In between two of the lessons there is an extra reading lesson and there are also writing assignments in several of the lessons. Since we have extra time we can take a day or two extra to work on these if we want to. There are 36 weeks in our school year... we have to do 180 days to fulfill the requirements for our state... anyway there are only 27 lessons in the book so that leaves us a few weeks to expand things, do extra days. The lessons are organized into 8 units with tests at the end of each unit. The reviews you do for each lesson contain the material for each unit test. Going over the reviews prepares the student for their test. The tests include: short answer, vocabulary, matching, and short essay questions. The illustrations are also wonderful, especially the ones of the unreached people groups.

You can get a free PDF download sample of Rooted and Grounded if you fill out your name and email address at the bottom of the link's page. If you are looking at a different level there are free pdf's of them also. Just look around. If you download the pdf you will get a complete table of contents so you can see all the topics that will be covered for the level you are thinking of buying and in the sample I got for Rooted and Grounded it had the table of contents, the introduction, and 2 complete lessons to check out.
One thing you should know is that you must have a student workbook and a test book for each student. You cannot reproduce any part of this curriculum. I also find the teacher guide is a necessary part of the program and very helpful also. 
Out of five stars we give the Rooted and Grounded:

If you would like some other opinions of the Rooted and Grounded check out what my friends at the TOS Homeschool Crew had to say. Some of them also got different products from Deeper Roots Pub. so check that out too.

***Deeper Roots Publications provided me with  Rooted and Grounded and though I received this product for free I have given an honest review of it here in this post.

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