Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fearlessly Feminine Challenge 2011~ Day 7

I am joining up with this challenge this week.

What is FF2011 all about?
The challenge is to wear only skirts or dresses for the entire week and take a picture of yourself, head to toe, to share on your blog, facebook, email, or wherever...  Go to Swinging on Small Hinges, grab a button and link up!  Over the course of a week we will report to one another how we feel, what others thought and what we liked or disliked about wearing a skirt.  That's it!  It is that easy!

 I did not post a picture yesterday because I wore the same thing that I wore on day 4... my tan skirt and brown shirt. Today I changed it up by wearing my denim shirt.

I have to say that I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and put on my jeans. I am not going to church, why is a long story. Dawn left a comment on my blog this morning saying she had done the FF2011 and would never be going back to pants. She got lots of complements from her family and that helped encourage her to keep on wearing skirts. I didn't get one compliment all week. No one said anything to me, except my husband, and that was after I made a comment to him about it. Actually while wearing my jeans the week before my mom said that they, with the shirt I was wearing, made me look skinnier. One of the only compliments I have gotten on my looks in months, by the way. Also I wore my tan skirt almost all week because it is the only skirt I have that is comfortable and fits me. So, I am glad that others had success and felt good about wearing dresses and skirts. Unfortunately I was not one of them. Maybe I will try again if I loose a bunch of weight and get/ make some new clothes.

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Annette W. said...

I'm sure it's been especially hard to not have compliments with your weight loss. Based on some personal, family members, and friends' experience it seems that weight loss isn't noticed until better fitting clothes "show it"...and yet they are too expensive, esp when you are trying to continue to lose more weight.

Karen said...

Debbie, I admit to putting jeans on tonight. My husband and I were going out to eat and to do a little shopping and I tried on several different things and wasn't happy with any of it so I just put jeans on. So, I "almost made it".

I like your denim shirt. :) I felt self conscious a lot of the time with what I was wearing. This challenge didn't turn me into a skirts only gal was an interesting challenge though.

Jennifer said...

I was almost going to express some sort of sympathy that you didn't get positive feedback this week, but then I thought of it this way: if your family had complimented you like crazy, you still would have been uncomfortable, and then the decision to go back to jeans would have been more difficult. This way, you know that you prefer wearing jeans, and your family is happy with that choice, too.

Stacy said...

I decided several years ago that I wasn't going to wear dresses or skirts anymore because I have a deformity in my back. Trying to put on pantyhose can cause my back to go out. With being the breadwinner, I cannot be calling into work because I threw out my back, simply trying to put on pantyhose.

Swinging On Small Hinges said...

Thank you so much for participating. If nothing else we all tried it, it was an interesting experiment. :) I think you look wonderful!


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