Thursday, September 8, 2011

Civilize This! ~ A Griddly Game


Ages 8+

2+ Players

It's an educational, multi-generational, travel game containing: 1 multicolored die, 3 decks of trivia cards, 1 deck of Wise Alec™ cards

On those trivia cards are
300 questions to test your knowledge of
Ancient, Medieval, and Modern time periods

So... how does this game work????

Each card has points on it.
At the beginning of the game you choose how to know when someone wins.
Either you pick a time limit or a point value.
We chose 40 points.... first to 40 points is the Winner!
There is also an option to stagger the point value the winner needs to get to... see the complete rules link below.

Roll the die

The player on your left picks up the card you get based on the color you rolled on the die.
If you roll yellow, green, red or purple you get that colored card.
If you roll blue you get to choose the category.
If you roll orange the player on your right chooses the category, but if you get the answer correct, or do the challenge on the Wise Alec card you get double the points.

Each trivia card has two questions on it. An easy question worth 3 points and a harder question worth 7 points.
 If you roll purple you get a Wise Alec card.
Watch out!!

You may have to do an impersonation of a Sumo wrestler
I did it and it got me 4 points.
I will do almost anything to win a game...

You may get one that says stand on one leg for 30 seconds
Mom couldn't do the action cards but she tried one of them after the game. We picked another card for her. She got one that said to name 5 religions. We allowed these questions with multiple answers to be worth one point for each correct answer in the first 5 guesses. My mom will be 89 years old in 2 months. She is not really good with trivia and educational games but she loves to play games so much she was willing to play with us.

Or you may get a Wise Alec card that says to show your best karate move!
 The crane... from Karate Kid (the first and original movie)

Rachel was not playing with us but Nathan got this card earlier in the game and would not do the action because he knew I had a camera. Hey, I did mine and posted my embarrassing Sumo wrestler pose. Rachel did the pose and let me take a photo and she didn't even get 4 points for it. You're a great sport Rachel.

I won the game.
Maybe I am a
Nope... it's probably a fluke. I did the slow and steady game... winning my 3 points in most rounds. My sons tried to go for the hard 7 point questions and got them wrong more often. I am sure next time we play they will have a different strategy and win instead of me.

We all loved it.
From my 14 yo son to my 98 yo mother.

Nathan said, "Civilize This! is one of the Best History games I ever played. I like it a lot."

Christopher said, "It's a hard and fun game that requires a good memory of History."

My mom said, "It's very challenging."

I say, "Civilize This! is a great way to review or learn History. We answered questions that we knew the answers to right away. Some we struggled with because we knew that we knew the answer. Some of those we finally figured out and some we gave up on and missed out on our points but learned something in hearing the answers. Some questions and answers we had never heard of before so hopefully we reviewed and learned some new things." 

Hopefully the explanations and photos above helped you know just how to play the game and if it would be good  for your family...
but here are a couple videos that may help you out also.

Each of the games in the picture above, including Civilize this can be a stand alone game or it can be added to Wise Alecs the Trivia game, also by Griddly Games, Inc.

Check out the Game Zone made just for kids! There's downloadable activities, online games, and the Official Rules to all the Griddly Games! Here is the link to the Wise Alec Travel Game Rules.

Please click here to see a list of retailers for Griddly Games. Current pricing on is $14.99 but, there are a number of retailers and each has different pricing. There may even be a store near you that carries these... if not there are the online options.

I asked each of those that played the game with me today what they thought and I included that in this review. Each also rated the game for my star rating out of five stars WE give the Civilize This!:

If you would like some other opinions of the  Civilize This! game check out what my friends at the TOS Homeschool Crew had to say. Also half of the crew reviewed another of Griddly Games, Inc called Nature Nuts ... so check that out too. It's on the same Crew link and each entry will be marked with the game that crew member reviewed.

***Griddly Games, Inc. provided me with Civilize This! and though I received this product for free I have given an honest review of it here in this post.

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Hubby said...

You're great at reviewing. Please keep reviewing things. Love, hubby.

Karen said...

Great review Debbie. We reviewed Nature Nuts. My kids are into Nature but I think I'd really like this one.


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