Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fearlessly Feminine Challenge 2011 - Day 1

I am joining up with this challenge this week.

What is FF2011 all about?
The challenge is to wear only skirts or dresses for the entire week and take a picture of yourself, head to toe, to share on your blog, facebook, email, or wherever...  Go to Swinging on Small Hinges, grab a button and link up!  Over the course of a week we will report to one another how we feel, what others thought and what we liked or disliked about wearing a skirt.  That's it!  It is that easy!

I always wear dresses and skirts to church so getting dressed this morning was easy.
Staying in my dress afternoon is different. I usually change into pants as soon as I get home.
I did change into a purple top and took off my Sunday shoes. I am now wearing my pink slippers. I have school to plan for the week and some of the family is going to watch 1776 and I want to be comfortable. I don't have a large selection of dresses and skirts. My daughters wear dresses and skirts exclusively (except when they are sick and stay in their p.j.'s all day like dd Jessica right now). Exercising next week in a skirt will be interesting as well. I guess I will just put shorts or Capri's under my skirt when I exercise.
So that is my outfit for today... and my thoughts

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Jennifer said...

I'm curious why you are undertaking this challenge. Do you mind sharing?

Swinging On Small Hinges said...

Thank you so much for linking up with me! You look wonderful and feminine in your skirt. I hope you have a good week!
Best Wishes,

Laura said...

You look lovely.


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