Saturday, November 1, 2008

Homeschool Weekly #12

I have decided to join this weekly update of what we have done for school. This will serve as a great reminder to us of what we have done for school this year and a for you a look into our homeschool.

To start off I would like to say Christopher is in 6th Grade and Nathan in 9th.

The boys are doing Jesus in the Spotlight: John, Chapters 1-10 (Discover 4 Yourself® Inductive Bible Studies for Kids) for Bible.

They had their last Creation Science for Kids Online Class on Monday. We still have a few experiments to do to finish up but otherwise we are done. The class was great and we can listen to the audios over and over. As with all of Cindy's classes you can still purchase a ticket and get all the great handouts and experiments from Felice. We are studying the Human Body for Science and on Tuesday we started the Nervous System. We did our pages from Considering God's Creation, Read a library book The Nervous System, and read the Nervous system section in Blood and Guts. Each day we have also been reading Prudence and the Millers and the boys are using this book as copywork also. Each days reading is about a health or manners issue and includes Bible verses, some days they also copy a list of rules from the end of the chapter, some days they have to write some other details from the story based on the topic for that day. It is reinforcing our study of the Human Body nicely though it does not necessarily coordinate with the topic we are on at the time.

We are studying the Viking Age right now in History. As you can see from my sidebar I am reading the Dragon and the Raven or the Days of King Alfred by Henty to the boys for Historical Fiction read-aloud. We did not read it as often this week as we should have. It becomes difficult some times to read it since I do not own the book and we have to go to my computer to read the free pdf. (Just excuses... I need to read it to them daily and stop the excuses... I sound like them!!! LOL)

In History we covered King Alfred and some of his descendants, monasteries, and some of the attacks by the Vikings on England from The Story of the Middle Ages. We also read "Life in an English Castle" in Choosing Your Way Through the World's Medieval Past. We covered Iceland in Mystery of History volume 2 and then read Odyssey Magazine May 2000 Warming up to Iceland that I had borrowed from the library. We used that for History and Science that day since it covered volcanoes, hot springs, Vikings, horses, and other facts about Iceland. On Friday we read about New Zealand and Zimbabwe from Mystery of History vol 2 and we read about a monastery founded in 909 in the book The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History.

The boys also do math each day. Nathan is doing Teaching Textbook Geometry and doing quite well with it. Christopher is doing Saxon 76 and doing well also.

The boys are also doing Grammar. Nathan is doing Easy Grammar Plus and I do recommend the student workbook because it prevents having to do a lot of photocopying. Christopher is doing Daily Grams Grade 6, and he does it orally except for writing it once a month so I have something to put in the portfolio. They do grammar every day.

For Music we sing acappella as a family and minister at a nursing home a couple times a year and sing for special music at church. Right now we are prepaing Christmas Carols for our ministry at the nursing home in December and we go caroling as a family to our pastors and to the Sr. Saints of our church. We do not practice every night but at least 3 times a week.

I am planning to get back to Music Study next week by finding the All Glory, Laud and Honor cd we own. And I want to get back to doing Art study too by finding some paintings of the Viking or Middle Ages. (a project for after I post this). If you know of a good source leave me a comment.

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Have a blessed weekend,


Carol said...

It sounds like like the boys had a great line-up of work. Get some pics - it will make great memories later. I forgot to take pics this week too.


Anonymous said...

This is neat. I'd like to try it out. Your blog is so fun to read! I will come back again soon!



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