Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Come What May

I wanted to post this link for the movie that Patrick Henry College did. It is about the Right to Life, Abortion, Marriage, Debate and Family in general. It is a great movie for older children and Mom's and Dad's. Not that it has anything bad in it that younger kids should not see it is just an adult theme in some ways. Anyway if you have not seen it take a look. I suggest Mom and Dad watching it first then deciding who if any of your children should see it also. You can watch it all online for free and order a DVD of it, that does cost money, also.
Come What May

Well I have to get my Bible Study done, I am behind by 3 1/2 days and my class is today... and I have to do History and Science with the boys before I go...

Have a Spirit Filled Day!!

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