Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Forest Lapbook

I finally got time to put our Forest Lapbook from last year on here. Below you will see one slide show and then the details of where I found all the pieces. Enjoy!!

Cover photos found on Google Image Search
we also found the World Forests maps from Google Image Search

A lot of information can be found here which is a part of this website

specific mini book info and pictures:
Temperate Deciduous Forest
Deciduous Forest Leaves
Leaf Terms
Animals of the Forest

And from this website:
these mini books with info and pictures can be found
Northern Boreal Forest (Taiga)
Temperate Rainforests of North America
Deciduous Forests

The Conifer mini book came from The World of Plants by Dinah Zike

The two mini booklets that have the name Winterthur in them came from field trips we took last year to Winterthur Museum and Country Estate. We had a years membership and greatly enjoyed getting to go walk in their gardens all year round and hope to get a membership there again in the spring.

The Deciduous Forest Features mini came from the sample of the Forest Habitats at HOAC - download the sample or buy the whole lapbook if you can.

The Big Tree in the 4th section of Christopher's book and second section of Nathan's is from Ranger Rick's Naturescope Trees are Terrific

I could not find the source I used for the Life Cycle of a Conifer page but if you do a google image search you will find a number of good pictures you could use for this.


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momtofivekids said...

It looks awesome! My 12yo son is doing a lapbook for the first time (my 8 yo has done a number of them). I didn't think about having him type some of it. His handwriting is that great.


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