Sunday, November 16, 2008

Homeschool Weekly #14

We had a good week. I am only going to tell you about the things we did this week different from the regular daily stuff. So if you want to know what we do for Math and Language see my other Homeschool Weekly Posts - scroll down or click on the label Homeschool Weekly at the bottom of this post.

For History we covered:

Mystery of History Lessons 47-52
Lessons included Otto I and the Holy Roman Empire - Leif Ericson Discovers America

The Story of the Middle Ages chapter clvi (Otto I)

Blackline Maps of World History - Middle Ages - Map5 Holy Roman Empire

Choosing Your Way Through the World's Medieval Past - Adventure 7 - Upon the Viking Sea

and on Friday the boys worked, on their own, making mini books for a Viking Lapbook they are doing together. We are making it up ourselves, not a purchased one. They are each taking different topics and putting it together in one Lapbook. I will post pictures when we are done.

For Historical Fiction we are reading The Dragon and the Raven - see my Shelfari or previous Homeschool Weekly posts for details. This week we actually made progress and read chapters 3-6. I am really getting caught up in the book and so are the boys. Oh, one thing I did to help was to download the book into the boys/school computer which is in the living room. It makes it much easier and more convenient for reading. They get to sit more comfortably in the living room and sometimes even work on Lego projects quietly while I read.

For Science we finally progressed in our section on the Nervous System due to dh getting me ink so I could print. So here is science:

Lyrical Life Science - Human Body "Nervous System" song and worktext pages

The Body Book pages 78-87

The Human Body, 100 Reproducibles pages 43-50

Science Pocket: Human Senses & Body Parts by Dinah Zike ( one of her older books) page 3 "You've Got a Lot of Nerve!" (the link above takes you to a couple of copies on Amazon. (there were other copies here also)

We also got back to doing Art Study and Music Study this week. I decided to jump in and do the Ambleside Online list for Art Study and Composer Study since I have not been choosing it on my own. It was good to get back to it. For Art they are doing Botticelli and for music Bach. I did not do any pictures from the Art Study that include scantily dressed or not dressed humans. I choose other works of art by going to the Wikipedia site and downloading those prints I wanted to do instead. I go the link from Ambleside online but I will past it here for you to see. Sandro Botticelli at Wikipedia. Click on thumbnails to see the full view of the picture and to see the public domain tag. The Wikipedia page does have scantily dressed and not dressed humans so please view the pages here and on Ambleside without your children in the room. Then print out the only the ones you want to study. All the pictures on Wikipedia that I printed were public domain. Be careful also of books you borrow from the library if you are trying to avoid exposing your children to this. Keep the books only for your use in reading portions to them and keep them out of site at other times. For Composer Study this week we did The Story of Bach in Words and Music and listened to the Brandenburg Concerto #6. For Art we looked at the Mystical Nativity you can find it at and the boys did a narration of the details they remembered from the print.

Nathan also did some Robotics - working on his Lego Mindstorms.

Yesterday, we also had the opportunity to see Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed at a movie night at church sponsored by the college and career age Sunday School class. The movie was very good and afterward we had discussion at the church as a group and then we discussed it further on the way home and stopped for sundaes at McDonald's. The movie was very thought provoking and I would like to see it again because there was so much in there. In case you do not know what the movie is about it is about the Intelligent Design vs. Evolution controversy and the inability of the
secular scientific community to accept the possibility of someone having intelligence having designed our world and the universe. You can find a review of the movie here as well as elsewhere on the internet I am sure.

Make a memory with your kids this coming week,


momtofivekids said...

sounds like a great week!

PlainJane said...

Great Homeschool Weekly! Your teaching style sounds a lot like mine. A good week of learning indeed. I have seeing Expelled on my to do list. Thanks for the review. Have a good week (what's left of it). Blessings.


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