Saturday, November 22, 2008

Homeschool Weekly #15 - Sickness

This was not a good week for school. We have had much sickness. Monday ds Christopher had a bad sore throat and stayed in bed. Ds Nathan argued about doing school but my dh put his foot down and ds Nathan did his school on the computer and his math.

Tuesday dh Christopher was coughing but his sore throat was gone. We sort of did school. Just the basics.

Wednesday ds Nathan woke up with a sore throat. Argued about having to stay in bed. Had the whole house in an uproar. I gave in to save my sanity. He spent the day on the recliner. Ds Christopher did school on the computer and his math.

Thursday ds Nathan woke saying his throat still hurt a little bit and he did not sleep well. So he stayed in bed for the morning and took a nap and got up after lunch. Christopher did school on the computer and his math.

Friday Dd Rachel 22 woke up with a sore throat. Nathan was well enough that the boys did regular school. We watched Bach's Fight for Freedom for our composer study. Did pages 55-62 from The Human Body, 100 Reproducibles for Science. The science topics included senses, nose, ear; and ear, nose, and throat connection which was very timely considering their sore throats and cold. For History they worked on more mini books for the Viking Lapbook. We also read a chapter of The Dragon and the Raven.

So today... dd Jessica, dh Court and I are trying not to get sick. Taking vitamins, extra vitamin C, and garlic. Dh is working overtime today as he did Thursday and Friday nights and has to work overtime Mon-Wed. in order to have Friday off. That will be a good 4 day weekend though. I hope he does not get sick because he gets no sick days and gets penalized for being out of work for any reason and gets double penalties for being out on overtime days like today. So please pray he does not get this. Hopefully the fact that his is out of the house all day and working overtime also will help, since he is getting minimal exposure.

We are supposed to work in the nursery at church tomorrow but now I have to find replacements because of our sickness. Hopefully no one will be sick over Thanksgiving break but I am not holding out much hope there... and it will probably be me!! I pray not though. I hope your week was better than ours.

I hope next week will be better for us though we only have 3 days of school to get through.

Heal those who are sick Lord,

ps - I just noticed when reading another persons blog post that my Homeschool Weekly # should correspond with how many weeks of school we have done not how many the host has done. So I changed my title from Homeschool Weekly #11 to #15. I will also go back and change the other titles so the weeks correspond to our total school weeks.


Anonymous said...

My prayer is that your family will all feel well soon.

Thank you for the prayers for my family as well.


Carol said...

I've had so many weeks like that. I think it has been the norm to get 4 rather than 5 days of schoolwork done. Drives me crazy, but I just gotta figure that it how it is gonna be for one reason or another!



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