Saturday, November 8, 2008

Homeschool Weekly #13

Except for me it is only week 2 that I have been doing this meme and for us it was week 13 of school. 65 days done out of 180. We started school July 27th, and then took a couple weeks off in the early fall for vacations.

Well back to this week. This was not a typical week for us, if we ever have such a thing.

Dd and I had to deal with Jury Duty. See post by that title, if you want to. So, the boys did computer school. Except Nathan had to do his math, which is actually partly on the computer. I have no idea what they did, I did not get an assignment sheet from them telling me, that is on the list to do later today.

Tuesday (Election Day):
History: we did Blackline Maps of World History Middle Ages Map #6 African Kingdoms.

Science: we read Creation Anatomy by Felice Gerwitz and Jill Whitlock pg. 29-31 (the pages on the Nervous System)

Copywork: more Prudence and the Millers - last chapter

Math: next lessons

Grammar: next lessons

no school, Mom just could not pull it together. I don't know if that is from the delay of tiredness of Jury Duty or the blow of the election results anyway we did not do school.


In honor of Homeschool Memoirs #12 Let's Play a Game we did just that. Game day! And it was a lot of fun. We played Pilgrims Progress (WARNING: I do not recommend this site I did not browse this site I only found this site as the only one from my google search that had the version of the game we have, I think we bought ours at our local Christian book store so this is only for your viewing and may have other not so good things scrolling by on their banner, so beware with kids looking over your shoulder), Mad Roll, Professor Noggin Medieval Times and Professor Noggin Space. We never did do math... I totally forgot and the boys did not remind me. LOL

We also did the think challenge see the Think! blog post for details.


I had chats all day online ( Let's Make a Memory, you can still join us today or later) so the boys were given their assignments and I was not looking over them. I need to follow up today and make sure they did what I assigned, but I have more chats and we have other things to do so that may have to wait for tomorrow or Monday. These were there assignments:

Copywork: Wisdom and the Millers Chapter 1 (we finished Prudence and the Miller and this is the one we are doing next) Copy verse, definition given in the book and look up and write the definition from the 1828 Webster's Dictionary (clicke the links to see the book to Buy or Online).

History: Read Mystery of History Lesson 46, Famous Men of the Middle Ages Lesson 15 and Story of the Middle Ages ch lv. Put Good King Wenceslas & Henry the Fowler on your timeline.

Science: Play a Game - they choose to play Professor Noggin Inventions

Bible: Jesus in the Spotlight
Grammar: next lesson
Math: next lesson

That was our week of school!

Pictures of Game day can be found on the Homeschool Memoirs #12 - Let's Play a Game blog post.

Have a Blessed Saturday and a Worshipful Sunday,

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momtofivekids said...

just wanted to say that I enjoyed looking at your blog and I'll be back. I found you through Mrs. Cuddles blog. Blessings!


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