Friday, November 7, 2008

Let's Make a Memory

I thought since this post was about preparing for Christmas I would start it off with one of my favorite family photos of us getting ready for Christmas! Nathan is a HAM! LOL and I am sure he will love me in spite of the fact that I am putting this on my blog. LOL :-)

Well, I am all geared up this morning for our chat! It starts in just over 2 hours and I cannot wait for this one! I LOVE the holidays, especially Christmas, and I LOVE making memories with my dc. Last night we watched one of our favorite Christmas movies, we have a lot of favorites for Christmas, The Christmas Shoes. Here is a link if you want to check it out online. Anyway, I was crying, as usual, for at least half of the movie and my dd Jessica 19yo was crying and my ds Nathan 14 even said, "My brain says don't cry but the rest of me is not listening," so even he was crying at one point. I don't know if ds Christopher cried or not. Anyway it is a sweet movie that reminds me of the fleetingness of life and to make every day count. When the movie was over I told my kids I love them and got hugs and made sure to tell them goodnight a little while later and that I loved them again. I told my dh, too, of course.

Well, join us this weekend for
Let's Make a Memory and get some great advice from some of my favorite ladies. Just check out the link to see the details and to see the schedule for today. Don't forget if you can't join us today or tomorrow you can buy a ticket anyway and get all the great downloads. The audio to listen to later and the chat transcripts and the doorprizes and the bonus goodies... You can get a ticket anytime!

So, Join the FUN!! and Let's Make a Memory!


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