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Our Favorite Field Trip

I found this meme and thought it was interesting. A new thing to help make my blogs interesting to my readers. I hope you enjoy this post about

I’m a dreamer. I dream of visiting all the historic places and foreign countries. Not sure if it’s in God’s plan that I will, but still I’d like to. Over the past few years, as homeschoolers, my family has thought of visiting quite a few different places. When we went on vacation last June we had planned on visiting the Roy Rogers’ museum as well as a few places in Texas and New Mexico. Things didn’t workout so we’re able to but it would have interesting to visit I’m sure.


This week I’d like to invite you to share your favourite field-trip that you’ve been able to go on since you’ve started homeschool. I’d encourage you to include photos, but you don’t have to.

Our favorite field trip was to Williamsburg, Jamestown, Carter's Grove and Yorktown. I polled the family and they all agreed. My husband and I went to Williamsburg for our Honeymoon and had not been back since. We had wanted to bring the kids and see the sites again. This was our General itinerary. I am going to do one slide show for the 2001 trip and one for the 2002 trip.

10-10 & 11-2001 Trip to Williamsburg

10-12-2001 Jamestown

When we went in 2001 we bought a year's pass because it was cheaper for our family than just buying a day pass for Williamsburg for the two days we wanted to spend and then for Jamestown. We planned to get back there at least once more during the year, we hoped to get back there at Christmas 2001 but that did not happen. We did however get to go back again before our tickets ran out in '02 and we got to stay longer but did not concentrate on Williamsburg as much as we did the first trip, we spread our days out and saw some things we did not see the first time in VA.

09-22-2002 Jamestown, VA
09-23-2002 Yorktown, VA
09-24-2002 Carter's Grove, VA
09-25-2002 Williamsburg, VA
09-26-2002 VA Air and Space Museum

We enjoyed each other, eating out, and the great history at each of the sites. My oldest dd Rachel just LOVES history and so does her mother! (LOL) We were in our glory. The other three kids tolerated it fine, since we did so many fun things, and got to eat out every day!! We stayed at a hotel that had continental breakfast, took a few snacks with us for during the day, bought some treats some days, and ate an early dinner at an all you can eat place, mostly the same restaurant but it was good the kids could get a variety of things they liked and so could we. That helped keep the cost down also. We also brought the umbrella stroller so the boys (mostly Christopher) would not get so tired of all the walking.

If you want to see all the other Favorite Field Trips or the meme go here: Homeschool Memoirs Meme

Make a Memory
Go on a Field Trip with your family
(and it does not have to be as elaborate as this...
just go for a walk at a park and enjoy the fall leaves.)


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