Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Deserts Lapbook

There are three major resources that I used for this lapbook.
1. Homeschool Share's Desert Animals Lapbook
2. Discovering Deserts (Ranger Rick's Naturescope). This is a great activity book, we love all the Ranger Rick Naturescope books.
3. Exploring Nature Educational Resource - Deserts of the World

I will not tell you which individual items are in what order in the lapbook. But I will tell you this. You can see the individual lapbook elements from #1 for free. All the other items inside the lapbook are from #2 (the Discovering Deserts book). The booklet on the back of Christopher's Lapbook are the pages from #3 (Deserts of the World).

I am going to tell you some details about the two circular elements in the lapbook. They are both from the Discovering Deserts book (#2), pages 32-33 and 78-79. They were not meant for a lapbook and in order to see them correctly I needed to have both the upper and lower circles rotate. If you get or have the book you will see what I mean. Anyway this is what I did. We did the circle as directed in the book. We cut a circle from acid free construction paper, 1/8th inch larger than the circles from the book. We used a brass fastener to keep all three pieces together. Then we glued the construction paper circle to the lapbook.

Consequently the top two circles can be rotated because the 1/2 of the picture would be upside down if only the top circle could rotate which would make it hard to look at. I hope you can understand this I have taken some close ups of one of the circles to show you, and I put those on the page seperately below. I think I will take a short video also and put that below, although we don't have a video camera (that is on my wish list), so it will be taken with my digital camera and will not have sound. If you have questions about any of this please e-mail me... see my profile... or leave a comment.

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Tiffany Renee Phillips said...

This looks like a neat project. I don't even have children yet, we're still TTC. However both my BF and I have thought about this regardless of where we end up, right now we're supporting our husbands careers but I don't want to delay my clock or the Lords timing. God Bless!
Mrs. Tiffany Renee Phillips

Jimmie said...

I'm so impressed! A wonderful lapbook! And thanks for linking to all the great resources.

Stacy M in Texas said...

Hi Debbie!
I've enjoyed browsing your blog, I'm trying to start mine and I'm impressed with how well you've done with yours! I haven't found time to figure it all out yet. Thanks for the links to the lapbooks and resources. Have a blessed week!
In His Shadow,


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