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Merry March - Yearly Goals Update

A pretty good month. I am doing well on most of my goals. Exercising and eating better to loose weight are the areas I am most failing in. But, it is hard when I have so much stress in my life.

The main goal is in bold and under that are the smaller steps to reaching those goals.
  • Main Goal
    • The updates will be here
      • or here.. in purple.
The positive steps I have made with my goals this month have a smiling smiley face   in front, the goals that I still have to work on have a sad face in front. Some are not really sad but that is the best contrast I could make between completed and not completed. The color thing was getting to complicated and I love smileys so I am sticking with them. 

Personal Goals:
  • Read Godly/Spiritual books.
    • I am starting with Desiring God by John Piper
      •   I am still working in this but little by little. This book is soooooo deep I can only process a little at a time.. so I am still reading it but starting another book for every day reading.
  • Work on my prayer life. Pray is my word for 2013.
    • Start reading a book on prayer. My hubby bought me a new book off my Amazon list. 
      • I started reading Praying God's Word by Beth Moore. I am enjoying it so far though I am still only in the introduction.
    • I started a private blog for just God and I to see. I made it so it can't be searched by the search engines and you have to be invited to read. I needed another way to focus. I focus well while writing so I decided to try and blog my prayers to God. I have not written in it every day but I have written in it.
  • Be Grateful. I will be joining the Joy Dare @ Ann Voscamp's blogClick the link to check it out. You can print her prompts for each month or do your own thing. Just be grateful... 3 a day for 365 days gives you more than 1000 things to look back at on Dec. 31, 2013. Let's record 1000 things to be grateful to the Lord for.
    • I did all my Joy Dare challenges for March and I am still enjoying doing this.
  • Memorize 2 verses or portions of scripture a month with my new group on Facebook. We post one verse/portion on the 1st and one on the 15th. With this I will memorize 24+ verses a year... more than in 2012 since I didn't memorize any.
    • I did better wtih my verses in March. I started using Scripture Typer to help me memorize and review the verses.
Health and Fitness 
  • Exercise more, more often and consistently. I would like to be much more fit by the end of 2013. As far as healthy eating goes I will be doing the best I can. (With my husband being unemployed for 33 months now things are tough and we can't always afford fruits and vegetables. If I exercise I will feel better... that is better than nothing.)
    • Start by using the Wii daily for at least 15 minutes and increase from there. My goal for Exercise is to not quit.... this, I hope, will inspire me... 
      • I have NOT exercised at all in March. I quit. I gave up. I will have to start over... again... sometime after I get my tooth fixed.
  • Read some books/magazines to expand my own education. (The spiritual book are very educational but I have other books I would like to read as well... non-fiction and historical fiction.) 

  • Read some fiction books for pleasure. 
    • I finished 2 fiction books in March see the link above.
  • Continue blogging and remember it is supposed to be for fun and for the records for my family. Use the blogging ideas pdf I bought in 2012.
    •   I am doing much better. I have started back to participating in some favorite memes and found a few new ones as well. I started reading some e-books I have on blogging and I have saved a few posts on Pinterest about blogging that I want to read as well.
  • Work on some crafts just for me. Things I have wanted to do, work on, make. Some from Pinterest, some will be things I have been working on already or wanting to do for a while.
    • I have been working on my Doodle Class. I got a couple doodle books out of the library as well and I have some doodle books on my Kindle app.
  • Spend at least one day a month scrapbooking, digital or paper.
    • I scrapbooked in March, digital scrapbooking. I made a new header for my blog.
  • Play at least one board game a month with someone in the family. 
    • Nope
Homeschool Goals:
  • Keep up with planning and ordering any materials Christopher needs for school.
    • Doing well on this. I prepared Christopher's new study guide for The Two Towers. I am keeping up with History and Science, too. I just got in a bunch of books for our study of the French Revolution.
  • Be consistent with reviewing Christopher's daily assigned work and making sure he completes everything assigned to him, log it into my school log, and then put the stuff away in the folders/notebooks where it belongs. 
    • Doing great with this.
  • Check periodically on Christopher's hours for school. I don't want to have to do his transcript all in his Sr. year.
    • I need to do this asap as I need updated numbers on how Christopher is doing with his hours this year and how many more hours he needs for each of the subjects. 
      • I worked on this a bunch in March, but still have a little to do.
How I did in March...  

  14 Done
2 Not Done

Previous Month's Updates in case you missed them and want to read...
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If you made goals, make goals, or want to set goals post them on your blog and link up, just choose the size you want and copy the code from the little box beneath it. Past the code in your blog post at the top then write your goals. Tell you friends to click the button at the top of your post so others know how to join us if they want to.

At the bottom of the post I will provide a linky so you can join up and I can see your goals and how you are doing. If no one joins me that is fine too. I am doing this mostly for myself.

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