Friday, February 22, 2013

5 Minute Friday ~ My Mama

What did your mama do that makes her your mama? Let’s unpack those memories today. Let’s trace our fingers along the lines of the unexpected. The ordinary beauty in a day of motherhood. The food or the laughing or the dancing or the story telling.

Where is your memory buried?

In just five minutes. Tell me all about what your mama did that made her yours….
My mama taught me to love to play games. My mother loves to play games and will do anything to win... and so will I... as you can see from the photos below. Mom cannot play all the games she used to play. She is 90 now but a love for playing board games has been passed down to me and I passed it on to my children. It is something we enjoy, something to do together that takes little money and is a family activity that can be enjoyed over and over again.

Action games are becoming to difficult for her but she was a trooper and was determined to do her best. We let her hold on to her cane and the chair... you havc to make allowances some times. I remeber one time she wore a diaper made out of a towel for most of a game... just so she could get the points for doing the task.

My Mom

 Me... acting like a Gorilla to get a point

 My daughter Rachel
Standing on one leg with arms out... to win a point in the game.

See how we passed down the love of playing games!!!

My mom loves all kinds of games. Her least favorite are the games with questions and her most favorite are the card games and other games where chance or strategy are most needed. She also loves dice games. Her eyes are what keeps her from enjoying some games like she used to. When she visits us you can count on us playing more games than we usually do.

I do have a goal now to play one game a month with one of my children. It is something I can do to spend time with just one of my children, though I usullay invite them all to play.

My mother has passed down a lot of things to me. A love for the Lord my Savior and faithfulness to him. Love for family and faithfulness to marriage. Love of games and the fun that can be had playing them.

I love my Mom.

I have to admit that I took a little more than 5 minutes. I only wrote for 5 minutes though ... then I found the smiley and the photos.... that took just a little while.

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Emily said...

We played games when we were little, but then we just got "too big" and "too busy". I need to make more time to play games with my children while they still want to, because in a blink, they won't.

Julie Anne said...

I've not been the best at playing games with my kids but I'm working on it... we got a few board games for Christmas and we are making the effort. Hurray for game time memories!


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