Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Goals List ~ Update 1st week July

This is the stuff I hope to accomplish during our summer break from school. Our last day of school was May 6th. We will start school back up the last week of July, most likely. I will update it periodically.  I will strikethrough the items that I finish and put a date on them so I can track how I am doing.
  • Finish Need/Want List for School May 7
  • Talk to Court about Need/Want List May 11
  • Order the stuff I need for school for 2011-2012  June 21
  • Do Portfolios no progress
  • Log Books into Book Collector progress is being made...I logged in all the new books... I have a lot more to do however and it won't be done for a long time
  • Work on Nathan's Transcript no progress since right after school ended... I need to work on this pronto so I know what we have to do for the last year of his schooling.
  • Set up Christopher's High School Notebook to get ready for entering credits for H.S. no progress needs to be done in the next 3 weeks.
  • Plan School for next year as a whole no progress needs to be done in the next 3 weeks.
  • Plan History for next year no progress needs to be done in the next 3 weeks.
  • Plan Science for next year progress is being made... I have started working on this
  • Clean and Organize the whole house for Sarah and Rose's visit June 2
  • Read, Read, Read progress is being made lots of reading, I am enjoying the books
  • One on One time with each of the kids
  • Exercise not so good... getting back to it this week
  • Keep on my diet as much as possible to keep loosing weight not so good... getting back to it this week
  • Journal, Pray, Read my Bible, keep up with reading through the Bible in a year, listen to music daily I am doing well on this, I am up to date.
  • Scrapbook nope
  • Update Resource page on my blog to the resources we will use next year progress is being made I started working on this as I am planning our school year.

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Heather said...

I just have to let you know that we were here today looking for Edna, and my 13 son was helping me. We perused your blog and he was so impressed by your weight loss tracker up top. He said to me, "Wow. She is brave and is really persevering to do that much. I'll bet she'd be neat to know." I agreed with him and just thought you should know that someone noticed and is wishing you the best...

By the way, I wrote a transcript for my son (he is 20 now) last year so he could get into college with NO preparation (beyond thinking about it...LOL) in a day. So don't stress about that transcript thing. I'll bet you already know what your son need this next year, and I'll bet he does, too. I know since my son is attending a community college (he owns his own business as a farrier, too), and you might be wanting a fancier university with certain requirements, that maybe there is more to do, but I wanted to say that I am sure you can get it done in no time, so keep on enjoying your kids and your books. That's what summer is for!!




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