Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up for the week of Sept. 28

This is really late now, but I wanted to get it up before we started a new week. The weekend was busy and I just made other choices and did not get this posted like I wanted to. I hope you enjoy looking back at our week anyway.

Last week was another successful week using our Time Together and then our Workboxes. In our Time Together we do Bible, History, Historical Fiction, Science, Composer Study, Artist Study, and any other TOS Homeschool Crew review materials that we have to do together. Then the boys do their workboxes.

This week in Time Together:
  • Bible - we covered Jacob and Joseph with Grapevine O.T. Overview... a TOS Homeschool Crew product
  • History - we covered MOH III Lesson 4 Ivan the Great, read World of Columbus and Sons pg 77-145, read Around the World in a Hundred Years ch. 8 on Vespucci and 4 lapbook elements from a free lapbook - Age of Discovery, they did the pages on Vespucci.  World of Columbus and Sons covers more than just Columbus, it covers a lot of what is happening all around the world at the time of Columbus's life and his Sons life too.
  • Historical Fiction - Finished Pedro’s Journal, read pg. 42-81; and started Sarah's Wish (a TOS Homeschool Crew review product... watch for a review in the coming weeks).
  • Science - We worked more on Christian Kids Explore Physics. We did lessons 11- 15. I was trying to finish Unit 3 so I can do the review on this product and move back to doing the Chemistry we had planned for this year.
  • Composer Study - Young Scholars Guide to Composers - we did chapter 2 Renaissance Music. Also, on Friday, the boys did a Renaissance Music Reading Comprehension Worksheet from ABCTeach. ABCTeach membership is one of the TOS Homeschool Crew things we are currently reviewing. Thousands of FREE printable worksheets and activities. Over 35,000 pages of worksheets and activities, abctools, and more, available to members. Read more about the benfits of membership.
  • Artist Study - We are still doing Fra Angelico
This week for Nathan:
  • Math - Nathan is still finishing up last years Geometry. He has about 20 lessons left, I think
  • Language - he continues to work on Easy Grammar Plus and he is using Wordsmith for Writing.
  • has been working on his website
  • did two days with me working on a new review product from ACT Advantage called DISCOVER it is a career planning system (watch for the review in the coming weeks or check out there website now).
  • did typing with Typing Tutor 10
This week for Christopher:

  • Math - still working on Hands-On Equations, we have 7 lessons left, in preperation for starting Saxon Algebra 1/2.
  • Language - Daily Grams Grade 7 and Wordsmith Apprentice
  • has been reading, doing the activities in, and enjoying Nature Friend Magazine +the study guide, one of our TOS items. Review for this will be up on my blog by Wednesday.
  • has beeen doing crossword puzzles from ABCTeach in one of his fun boxes, he loves crosswords
  • has been doing Rush Hour in one of his fun workboxes all week. There are all different levels and versions of this... see Amazon or your favorite toy store for options. This is the version we have:



Laura O said...

Debbie ~ it sounds like a great week. We're starting week 6 of MOH 3 this week, but I'm going back and adding some extra reading on people covered so far. We have Famous Men of Modern Times that has several of the people we've already done in MOH3. I think the boys enjoy reading alternate sources for information as well. Don't know why I forgot about that particular resource, but glad in my reorganizing of things to find it.

I haven't heard of the Columbus book you mentioned, so I just might have to check it out.

Weird Unsocialized Mom said...

Hey, you picked the same two books from Bright Ideas Press that I did! That's cool. I am loving that Young Scholars Composers book. And, we've always been a fan of the Christian Kids Explore books.


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