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TOS Homeschool Review Crew - Amazing Bible Timeline with World History

When our 38 X 46 inch Timeline arrived from Bible Charts and Maps, LLC I was thrilled and immediately wanted to laminate it. It arrived in a 48 inch triangular shaped cardboard shipping package. I was impressed with the detail the map contained and was surprised to see the history timeline was displayed as a circular style map radiating from the center in a "spoke" type "wagon-wheel" layout. The detail of the Amazing Bible Timeline with World History is wonderful and clear. Bill Agard who designed the map, is a retired lithographer, and the map certainly shows his expertise.

I love history but admit I am no history expert, but compared to other history timelines we own, everything appears to be accurate. I like the map but am a little unaccustomed to a circular map and this takes some getting used to. I prefer a linear timeline but this one highlights the most important events and lets you see who was alive, for instance, when David was King of Israel. My husband actually thought of mounting it to a board and using a nail in the middle so we could rotate it. Free Avatars

I would recommend the timeline for anyone, but, here's the downside for some, and I hope this will help you decide if this is a downside for you. Bill and Margaret, the makers of the map are Mormons. Also, some of the materials used to document the history of the timeline were materials others would deem not useful for religious reasons in spite of their proposed accuracy. A list of these materials are found at this link, When viewing the timeline map these facts were brought to our attention and may be disagreeable to others. To the merit  of Bill and Margaret, they have made separate copies available with and without timeline references to Mormon history and materials. This was an honest effort by them to make a timeline that was non-offensive to others who did not agree with their views. There is nothing on the Mormon version in reference to any doctrine that we could see, only a few points of their history, and then only a very small portion. We found nothing offensive in it and this is the conclusion my husband and I came to:
  1. All timelines have history of other religions we do not agree with. We can either choose to teach our children about those religions and our beliefs regarding them or not. We chose to use the timeline and teach how we disagree. One could make the same statements about Catholicism, Hinduism, Greek or Egyptian history. I honestly know several people who use timelines. I don't know anyone who threw theirs out because they disagreed with any other religious history shown on them from other cultures. 
  2. As a historical source I believe it is accurate and well done, whatever the source. 
  3. They make no pretense to be anything than who they are. They seem to be upstanding people and fine citizens who have made a product that they believe in. We do not agree with the Mormon historical and religious views but do not see their views directly reflected in the timeline and do not feel it is offensive for that reason. They have made an honest effort to provide both a universal product out of respect and toleration for those who do not believe as they do as well as one for those who do. 
  4. They provide a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can decide for yourself. As their site says,
"Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee. Use the Amazing Bible Timeline with World History for thirty days. If you are not satisfied for any reason, return it. And we'll refund the cost of the Timeline right away."
Out of five stars we give The Amazing Bible Timeline with World History:

Cost of the Timeline: $29.97 
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