Monday, October 19, 2009

A Rude Awakening

I wanted to start off the week by rising early this morning and getting back to a regular schedule for school. Last week was crazy!! But this week started off more CRAZY! At 3:50 AM (that was not the time I planned to get up) this morning we were awoken by a mighty crash. Scared Smileys I thought I would look out the window and find a 5 or 6 car pile up... but nooo! I first saw one car, across the street from our house upside down in our neighbor's yard. Then we saw someone crawling out from under the car. Then about 10 police men with guns drawn, pointed at what I thought was a woman. Later we found out she was a passenger. The driver got out of the car also and was trying to escape and was found not to far from the scene, by a canine unit.

Then my husband said, "I think they came across our yard and hit our car. Oh boy, did they! Driver side totally crushed, windows broken. Then after the first shock wore off we realized there was a lot more damage. Both sides of the car dented.  Pieces of the insides laying across the front seat. Not only that but they hit our car so hard it pushed the passenger side into the corner of the house and crumpled it there also. Back hatch window broken too. Our car is, most likely, totaled. Sad Smileys We have to wait for the insurance company to let us know for sure but it is definitely not drivable. I loved that van. Love Smileys

On their way to their resting place, upside down in the neighbor's yard they ripped and dragged our fence, twirled it, and threw it over the car so that part of the fence wrapped around to the front of the house and smashed our front windows. It then landed between the car and the house and on our front sidewalk. The four long poles that go across the top of the chain link fence were twisted and thrown all over the yard and one partway down the street!!! They pushed the passenger side of the car completely off the ground and into the brick corner of the house. They dug deep gouges in our yard and even took a chunk out of our driveway. Destruction and mayhem everywhere.

We later found out the car was a stolen vehicle that was being chased by the police and they must have been going 100 miles an hour to have caused all the damage they did and it is a wonder they got out alive. At one point this morning Jessica counted 11 police vehicles in front of our house. They completely shut down the both south bound lanes of the main road near our house for a couple of hours, and sent the traffic on a detour.

As the sun started rising the destruction seemed more immense and more people stopped to ask questions and stare at the carnage. I am still having trouble sorting it all out. Confused Smileys Believing the truth that our car is demolished and not drivable and we will get the price of the current worth of the car and than we will have to find other transportation for our family. Our wonderful van loaded with all kinds of great features that we bought with the insurance money from when my husband injured his back. Now what will we drive??? I am struggling to not live in fear but to trust the Lord to provide all our needs, even a suitable van to fit our whole family so we can travel to church each week and so that we can get around to other events as a family.

Philippians 4:19  "But my God shall supply all your (our) need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." (part in parenthesis mine)

My husband said I could post a few pictures so... here you go... check this out!!! Oh, by the way, you can click on each picture to see them larger.

Our Car
driver side

closeup... just missed the gas tank!!!

 Our Car, rear passenger side; my planter, our fence

Our car passenger front door and our fence

another view
if you click on this picture you can see the broken windows


another view of the car and house and everything...
notice the glass from the house windows on the ledge at the right


the stolen vehicle
just centimeters from that house


The tire tracks across our lawn and some of the leaning posts from the fence that did not get knocked completely down.

Well, that was our Monday... Still dealing with things and probably will be for weeks!!

Please Pray for us as we have many things to work out including a way for my hubby to get to work while we settle the stuff with the insurance company.



Devildogwife said...

Oh Debbie, I'm so sorry that all of this happened. Praise God that no one in your family was hurt. I'll be praying for the whole situation.

Merit K said...

What a way to start your week! I am praying for all of you.

Annette said...

It must be hurricane season at your house...when it rains, it pours! May you continue to trust in the Lord and not let Satan get a foothold in your home.

Michelle said...

Wow, Debbie, that looks totaled. I pray God's best for you and this will all work out.

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

Well that will be a good story for the grandchildren. I'm praying that the insurance will be very generous.

Grace and peace.

Michele said...

Oh, Debbie, I wish there was something I could do to help you guys!! You know all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. Sometimes we need to wait a while to see the good, but have faith and patience and one day we will look back and be able to see the good that has come from this. I love you all and will be praying mightily for you and the family.

Mel said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad none of you were hurt! Wow, how fast he must have been going to do that much damage!

Debbie said...

It was estimated he was going about 100 miles an hour. That info did not come from the police but from a witness to the crazy driving further down the main road by our home where he was driving. The police were chasing him, but about 200-300 feet behind him so as to not push him to go faster.

Sheri said...

Debbie-I am so sorry you woke to this! How awful! They are so lucky to have been able to walk away from that-but look at your car/house! Well, I do know there is a reason for everything, and a purpose-so what the Lord has for you must be even better! Will pray for peace, help with the car/yard and a better nite's sleep! Man!


Kathy said...

I can't wait to see how God is going to work through this for your good and His glory. We're praying... May you be able to still your hearts and know that He is God, even in this.
With love,

jjarrell said...

Wow!! your house is way more exciting than mine!!!(ha ha)...sorry just had to say that....if you don't laugh, you're gunna cry!! Blessing to you and your family. ;-)

Laura O said...

Debbie ~ praying for you and your family. I'm sure that God will provide what you need and maybe there will be a blessing come your way from all of this.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! How scary but such a blessing that your family was not injured.

Thank you for leaving your special cbox comment. I'm so glad that you have prayed for my marriage. We do apreciate it a lot.


A Gracious Home said...

I'm so sorry about the loss of your van. What scary story. I wish high speed chases could be done away with. They do more damage than good. I pray that God will provide you with a wonderful van to replace the one you lost. Doylene

Tracy said...

Wowzers! The same thing happened to a friend of mine, but the car cam into there Home and took the whole side to the house with it. They woke up to it in there living room.

They lived with the living room blocked off for MONTHS!

Glad you have a new vehicle now!


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