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TOS Homeschool Crew - Guardian Angel Press

Guardian Angel Publishing has fun and educational books for your preschoolers and primary age children. Their books are rated for children ages 0-12. Their picture books, early readers, easy readers, storybooks and chapter books are available as: e-books, print paperback books, CDs and coming soon they will have sound as DVDs. They also have a line of personalized ePicture books where children read books written with their own names and pictures in the stories.

The books we received for review from Guardian Angel Publishing include the books below. I have given you a link to the Guardian Angel home page in many places in this post. Below each book I am also including a direct link to that particular book so you can see more details if you want. 

  The first three books in this post are the ones Christopher enjoyed the most. The other two were cute, but way below his reading and interest level.

This book is of course about our skeletal system. There are lots of facts in the book and the illustrations are cute,  with "smileys" on the bones. One of the best things is that there is an unnamed bone, or set of bones, on each page that the children are supposed to try and identify. The answers are in the back of the book. The first two books in this post have great, accurate information and interesting little "factoids".

This book is all about earthquakes with facts about the geology involved when studying earthquakes, how they are measured, what the terms mean, and how to best prepare for an earthquake. The book would be a great introduction to earthquakes for middle elementary children, about grades 2 or 3 and up.

Andy is a handicapped boy that is nervous about riding his horse at the local fair for his 4-H club. It is a great little story. There are websites and other places to find information about wild horses and 4-H at the end of the book.

This is a cute little book. Great for Pre-school and early elementary age kids. The illustrations were made with a process called felting. 4 of the last 5 pages give details on what felting is, the materials you will need and the instructions on how to do it. It looks like a lot of fun.

This story is very cute and also appropriate for early elementary. It is a similar story to "The Ugly Duckling" by Hans Christian Anderson. The baby flamingos think they don't belong because they are not pink yet. Really cute story with great illustrations.
Watch their MAYBE WE ARE FLAMINGOS Trailer for a sneak preview of the book on the page for his book: http://www.guardianangelpublishing.com/maybe-flamingos.htm

One thing about these last two stories. If I had little children, I would prefer to have these as print books and not e-books. The first three books are fine as e-books, but I would prefer to be able to cuddle when reading books to young kids and not be sitting around a computer screen. Of course I understand the company sending us all e-books because that is cheaper than sending print copies. But, if I was buying them myself, I would get print books for the preschool and early elementary fiction books especially. Of course with so many options for the purchasing of each book you can make your own choice about what format fits your family the best.

As you can see they have books on a variety of subjects, for ages 0-12. Each of the books I received were 24-30 pages long.
Out of 5 stars we give Guardian Angel Publishing...


If you want to try out Guardian Angel Publishing they have some freebies here including 6 free e-books, and some coloring and activity pages to go along with a couple of the books.

Their website is very well organized. They have links at the top of the page for things like their bookstore, and the categories of the books they sell like chapbooks for tweens, health & hygiene. They keep you up to date on what is coming soon, too. They have links in a column on the side too so you can see things like their mission statement, an alphabetical listing of the books they offer and the awards they have won. They also have Spanish editions, too.

Here are the costs for the each of the books on their website:
Purchase PDF eBook DOWNLOAD $5.00
Purchase eBook on CD $9.95 +S&H (shipping and handling)
Purchase PRINT paperback book $10.95 +S&H

Some of the books are available as DVD Book Video $9.95 +S&H
And a few of the books are also available on iKids Play™ APP for your touch screen iPod and iPhones! $2.99 at iTunes APP store.

***Guardian Angel Publishing provided me with e-books of the 5 books you see above so that I could do my review. Though I received these products for free I have given an honest review of them here in this post. I hope you enjoyed this review.


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