Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up for the week of October 26

This was a productive week. After the week we had busy with my Mother and volunteering at NGA the week of the 12th (see my Blast from the Past this coming Tuesday to see what that is) I was anxious to get back to a regular schedule on the 19th. That did not happen due to the events of early Monday morning to see about that, if you have not read it, go to my post: A Rude Awakening. Thank goodness this week had no new surprises.

We made progress in Bible using our Grapevine O.T. Overview Level 4 books - finishing lesson 13 on Moses and doing lesson 14 on The Deliverance.

In History we have been working on lessons from American Heritage Education Foundation (a TOS Homeschool Review Crew product). We did The Declaration of Independence, and the United States Flag.

We finished our Historical Fiction Sarah's Wish: see the review here if you missed it TOS Homeschool Crew Review - Sarah's  Wish ... it was a great book!

In Science we did not accomplish as much as in some other subjects, but we read a library book called Elements, Compounds & Mixtures by Jim Patten and we did lesson 5 and the unit one wrap-up in Christian Kids Explore Chemistry

Four of 5 days we did Young Scholar's Guide to Composers. We are doing the Baroque Composers and we covered Handel and Bach this week. We like this product (another review product for TOS). This is one we will be doing all year, the boys are enjoying it so much they requested we do the whole curriculum. Watch for the review of the Bright Ideas Press items (due by next Friday).

On Monday we always do Art Appreciation and this week we did a page from the HOAC Art Appreciation - Activity 7 - Elements of Art shutterbook. For this lapbook mini you choose one work of art, Fra Angelico this time since we are finishing our study on him, and describe the work of art using the 7 elements of art used in the lapbook.

We also did Writers Workshop (also from Bright Ideas Press and also a TOS review product) two days last week. We did lesson 2 on Caldecott and Newberry award winning books and lesson 3 on Webbing.

Then the boys had their individual tasks - which I put in their workboxes each day:
Christopher has started his Saxon Algebra 1/2. He worked on his Daily Grams, and did his Wordsmith Apprentice on the days we did not do Writer's Workshop. He also did some pages from ABC Teach including: some pages on capitalization and Nursery News (yes, another TOS review product). Christopher also worked on a story he is writing.

Nathan was working on finishing his Geometry from last year but has now moved on to this year's math: Teaching Textbooks Alegbra II, which we are thankful to be able to borrow from a friend. He is using Easy Grammar and did that this week, he is doing Wordsmith and completed some lessons in that when we were not doing Writer's Workshop. He worked some on his website and he read some of a courtship book Old-fashioned courtship & how it works today by Jeff and Marge Barth, for the course we require in High School which we call Building Life Relationships. He also did a couple of day of Typing Tutor 10. Also Nathan worked on some pages for a TOS review product we are doing called DISCOVER: ACT's Career Planning Program there are worksheets and a web based inventory program (again, watch for the upcoming review).

I hope you enjoyed our Weekly Wrap-up - to join us and do your own or read about others homeschool weeks go here.


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Giggly Girls said...

Oh my! That was a horrific way to wake up. I'm glad that everyone is okay and that they caught the bad guys. Praying for your peace of mind.

I had a similar experience not too long ago in our quiet, family neighborhood. We had just fallen asleep when I awoke to hear gunshots. Lots of them. And my hubby slept thru it til I woke him. And he's in the military so he knows gunfire. LOL It wound up being about some argument someone had up at Wendy's that apparently escalated. And the shooter also shot up the "wrong" house. Nice...


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