Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Please Pray for my Mom and Daughter Rachel

This evening my sister called me. She wanted to inform me that my mother, her name is Beatrice (Bea), who is 86 yrs. old, has an enlarged heart and an abnormal EKG. She had been in Indiana at my brother's home for 5 weeks and got home on Saturday. While she was there she had problems with her blood pressure being way high. The Dr.'s there put her on blood pressure medicine and wanted her to see her family physician as soon as possible. She had an appointment yesterday. For now she is at home they did not send her to the hospital. Yesterday before the Dr.'s appointment my sister checked my mom's blood pressure and it was 217/122, way to high, and she is already on medication.

Today, she had a CT scan of her kidneys and bladder and some blood work done, partly for another problem partly to see if her kidney function could have something to do with the high blood pressure. She is seeing a Cardiologist on Thursday. Please keep her in your prayers. She is my only living parent and the only living grandparent my children have.

Also, tomorrow I take Rachel to the specialist for her Thyroid problem, an under active thyroid. She is very nervous. She ahd a blood test which was positive and then an ultrasound which showed no growths but a very enlarged thyroid. Our family Dr. recomended we see a specialist. Please pray for peace for her and for us to be safe on the roads. I have to drive with my husband, leaving the house at 6:15, drop him off at work, return home, get the boys started on school, take Rachel to the Dr. and then depending on the time pick up dh from work or go home first and then pick up dh from work. This is more driving than I have done the past month all put together. It is also supposed to be nasty weather here with a cold front and rain in the morning and then high winds, high enough for a wind advisory and a severe weather alert to pop up on my computer.
Please keep these matters in your prayers, I would greatly appreciate it,

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Michele said...

My friend, i have been keeping you and your family in my heart and prayers. I'm sorry to hear that your mom is ill. I know this is hard for you and if you need or want to talk, i am only a phone call or e-mail away. I am glad to hear (from Rachel's post) that Rachel's thyroid problems can be managed with medication. I'm glad you had a nice staycation when Court was off for the week, it looks like you had some nice, family time and made some memories. Well, we keep passing each other in church, but haven't been able to connect in a while. I miss you and hopefully we can talk soon.
Love you


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