Friday, March 1, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Mommy's Idea

I'm Topsy TurvyI posted about my wood project on my Goals Planning Monday post but I am not sure anyone saw it. I decided to add it to a post for two new memes I found and wanted to participate in.

This is what the curio box looked like before I started working. I bought it at the dollar store.

I got the idea from Pinterest - but I made it with paper and doodads so that I can hang it on my wall all year... not just at Christmas.

I painted it brown but thinned the paint so it looks like wood stain. This is the box with the brown 'stain' and the paper inserted and decoupaged.

Here is the final box.

The center box needed something, the girls said a little bottle. We decided to try one of the cups and saucers from a tiny little tea set I have. It worked perfectly and looks just right. I have it stuck on with glue dots.

If you can't read the sticker, upper right, it says, "a family stitched together with love seldom unravels."

I still have to mount the box on the wall behind my desk, but I am sooooo excited about how it turned out.

I am participating in another new link-up. For this one you just link up the post you liked the most from you week of blogging and the others in the group pin your blog post on Pinterest. Each participant agrees to pin at least 3 of the posts that get linked up and the owner of the blog... because she doesn't want to show favoritism.. pins them all. It is supposed to get us more exposure. The link-up started because of a group on Facebook that I belong to for Christian blog writers. We would love to have more participants. Link up a favorite post of yours from this week and then find 3 links to pin.

My favorite Pins from this week ... not associated with the meme above, just random pins from blogs I follow... were:
Porcelain Knobs
Card Table Makeover - Our card table is terrible and I would love to make it over!!

A face in a pickle.
Where would I post about this that would fit any better than Friday Fragments!!!

What fun!

Well that's all the random things I have to post about this week. I hope to do this meme at least once in a while if not every week... it is such fun.

Time for bed. A new day tomorrow with a long list of to-do's to accomplish.

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doreen mc gettigan said...

Your shelf came out really nice!
I am visiting via Friday Fragments, it is nice to meet you.
Have a blessed weekend!

bill lisleman said...

Oh I hope to read more FF posts from you in the future. It's my favorite post of the week. The pickle face - worthy of selling on e-bay. Did you eat it already?

Cyndy Newsome said...

I love the curio project!
And now I'm craving a pickle. lol

Anonymous said...

What a great curio box idea! And love the face in a pickle. lol

Debbie said...

I did eat the pickle. I don't really think anyone would buy it on e-bay but you never know... crazier things have happened.


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