Monday, December 17, 2012

Goal Planning Monday ~ Week 99

 Time to write some goals and strive to accomplish them this coming week??

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I had a non-productive week. I was sick. Really sick. Bronchitis. The only things I did were go to the Dr., sleep, rest, cough and watch movies. It started on Monday. I started feeling better by Friday, but had little energy. One little project was all I could accomplish each day over the weekend. Even today I had to do a little then take a break. Just vacuuming the hallway exhausted me. I am waaaaaay behind on things I wanted to get done before Christmas or the end of the year. Only 2 weeks to go til the end of the year and I need to finish 2 more books for my reading challenge... I also have Christmas gifts to finish up on. Oh, well, whatever gets done, gets done; and what doesn't get done just won't get done. I can't create more hours in a day or force energy I don't have.

My Goals from last week and how I did:
As I said I really accomplished nothing but resting and healing. So I am not even gonna bother with last week's goals and trying to update them. Just know this weeks goals are much the same as last week's goals were, except I now have twice the work to fit in half the time.

My goals for this coming week:
Spiritual Goals   
  1. Morning Devotions - including Bible reading, prayer, listening to music and reading a spiritual book currently Promises, Promises: Understanding and Encouraging Your Husband I have more to read this week if I want to finish this by Dec. 31.
  2. Read  The Richest Man Who Ever Lived: King Solomon's Secrets to Success, Wealth, and Happiness to/with my hubby.We have not started this yet, hopefully we will be able to this week.
Homeschool Goals
  1. We are on Christmas break now. Before we start back on Jan. 3 I do need to prep a little science, at least to have something to start on for the 3rd-4th.
Blog Goals   
  1. Comment on the ladies blogs that link up to Goal Planning Monday.
  2. Post reminder and future themes for Think Back Thursday on Wed.
  3. Post Think Back Thursday.
  4. Comment on each person's post that links up for Think Back Thursday. 
  5. Participate in some memes that I have wanted to do again.
Personal/Other Goals
  1. Write my goals down on paper, add some details I want for me.
  2. Read, Read, Read.
  3. Finish up ornaments for my family. I need to put iron on interfacing on them and then sew material on the for a backing. 
  4. Work on ornaments for extended family and a friend.
  5. Work on my prayer book, I have some pages I want to change. Pray is my word for 2013 and I want my prayer book ready to go.
  6. Spend time with my hubby, kids and mom. I don't have much money to spend this year so time will be my currency.
That's it for this week. How about you. Our hostess, Katrina, is looking for some new participants (or participants that used to participate and then stopped) to join in... Won't you join us??? Come on. Set some goals. Post them on your blog. Link up.

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katrina said...

Ah, I'm so sorry you were sick. I do hope you are getting your energy back now. It is no fun at all and right before the holidays as well. I'll be thinking of you.

I think it is super that you are linking up each week. I love to see how you did and see what your goals are.

Kym Thorpe said...

I wondered where you were all week. Sorry to hear you were so sick! Hope you are feeling better and getting your energy back!


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