Monday, October 3, 2011

Management Monday - A weight loss and exercise meme

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Well, I used to do Fit Mommy Friday, then it changed names, and that meme is on hold for now. Monday is not the best day for me to do a weight loss meme because I have a few other meme's I do on Monday's and I have not been doing well on weekends as far as eating and weight loss goes... BUT maybe this is a good thing.. maybe I will be more diligent on the weekends if I know I have to post about this on Mondays! So I will be joining my friend Dawn as we travel this path of weight loss and fitness.

I have not updated my weight loss ticker at the top nor have I posted about my weight loss specifically, though I talk about it a little in my Goal Planning Monday posts. I have not been doing well, but want to do well with my weightloss. I did gain over the weekend thanks to my hubby buying me my favorite cheese snack from Trader Joe's (which I asked him to get me), snacks we got after seeing Courageous on Friday, donuts and hot chocolate on Sunday morning, and thanks to a great 65th birthday party for my brother yesterday afternoon. Also I did not work out Friday - Sunday. Oh well, this is a new week... "with no mistakes in it"... yet

I have updated my weight loss ticker at the top of my blog and added past dates to the chart. You can see my weight loss chart any time you want at the bottom of my blog page... but that is waaaaaay down there so for today I am also putting it in my post. Below my chart I put all the data from my chart so you can see my exact weight as I have it on my handwritten chart, and that data comes from the Wii... you can see all my weight ups and downs... lately it has been up. My lowest weight was 237.9 and that was back in April. I worked out very little in August and September, only 2 times on the Wii, and 6 times in Sept. I want to do much better this month. You can also see that it has been 10 months. I wanted to be doing better than this by now.

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

2004/06/2011237.9my lowest

Anyway... my goals for this coming week are
  1. Exercise at least 3 days and hopefully 4 or more, on the Wii.
  2. Walk at Longwood on Friday with my friend Michele after we go to Ladies Bible Study together.
  3. Drink my water... at least 48 oz... but strive for 64.
  4. Keep track of what I eat and don't eat junk food... stick to Weight Watchers diet as much as possible.
  5. Eat more veggies and fruit which will require a trip to the store to get some and cleaning out the fridge so it the good new stuff will fit and so that the stuff that has gone bad will not affect the new produce and get where it belongs... in the garbage.
  6. Don't snack after 8pm.
  7. Get to bed earlier... goal is computer/tv off at 9:30, read for 1/2 an hour then bed at 10pm, but any improvement on the after 11pm late nights I have been doing will be good.
Have a great week and link up with us by clicking the button at the top.
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Dawn said...

Glad to have you along! Will be praying for your week as well! Blessings!

Me said...

good luck my friend...i think i may join you in this meme starting next week. I need something to help me push myself harder to eat well and excersise!


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