Monday, June 20, 2011

Goal Planning Monday ~ Week 21

It is Goal Planning Monday. 
How are you doing with your goals??

I did not do so well this week. Our guests from Texas did not leave until Thursday and I did not get much done until after they left. Then I decided to work on logging books into our Book Collector software. I got 2 tubs full of books logged in... now if I want one of those books I will know where to find them. Unfortunately, logging books into book collector was not one of my goals for last week. But at least I got something productive done, and even if it wasn't on my weekly list... it is on my summer goals list. Well her is how I did with the things that were on my goal list last week:

  1. Work on portfolios of school stuff from this past year. Not Done. My daughter still has my scrapbook stuff in the living room. This makes working on the portfolios more difficult. I may have to just set up shop down there one day this week to get this done.
  2. Read. Done. I got some reading done this week but want to make more time for this in my day. I have a goal of reading 100 books this year and I wanted to get a big chunk of that done in the summer while I am not teaching the boys.
  3. Blog about books I have read. Not Done. No excuses for this... just didn't get done.
  4. Exercise. Not Done.No excuses for this either. Planning on getting back to it today.
  5. Catch up on Bible reading. Partly Done. I made up a lot of this and if I do 2 days today I think that catches me all the way up.
  6. Catch up on reading Power of a Praying Wife. Partly Done. I made up a lot of this but I am not all caught up. I read 2 chapters some days and none some other days. I also have been giving my hubby a note for each chapter with the prayer copied on it or just thoughts of mine. I will keep doing this until I finish the book weather I get it done in June or not.
  7. Order stuff for school for next year, I usually have this done by now but our guests have delayed this since in late May we spent a lot of time cleaning and then the girls were here. Court did not want packages arriving while we were out showing our guests the town. Not Done. This is on the agenda for today. After my hubby get's back from taking dd to get some blood work done and doing some errands... Hopefully it will get done today.
  8. One on one time with Jessica... it is her turn. Not Done. We just did not get this done once the girls left we were all just tired... nothing much got done Thursday, Friday or over the weekend. Time to get back in the groove now that a new week has started.
  9. Post new Longwood photos. Not Done. I got the old Longwood photos posted but have not started on the new ones. I still need to crop and correct some of them. Hopefully I can at least post some of them this week.
  10. Spend time with my family... especially the girls as they will be sad to see their friends go and may need some extra lovin'. Done. This we did do. We watched some movies, talked, and just hang out, especially yesterday since it was Father's Day and my 50th birthday. Now it is time to get back to work.
My Goals For This Coming Week:
  1. Read.
  2. Exercise. 
  3. Keep reading Power of a Praying Wife.
  4. Order stuff for school for next year, hopefully today.
  5. Log books into Book Collector
  6. Work on portfolios of school stuff from this past year.
  7. One on one time with Jessica... it is her turn. 
  8. Post at least some of the Longwood photos from June 13. 
  9. Blog about books I have read.
  10. Read and comment on all the posts by other Goal Planning Monday participants. 
  11. Get ready for and have my 50th birthday party on Friday with friends and family. 

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Susan@FruitfulWords said...

I have never read The Power of a Praying wife but have The Power of a Praying Woman 3 times (with a group). I had planned on going through Stormie's book on adult children but then I broke my shoulder and that was put on hold.

One-on-one time is such an awesome idea especially if it's that person's love language. My daughter craves quality time with me even though she's an adult living 100 miles away. Thanks for reminding me that I want and need to plan something today for a get-together soon.

Good luck with your week's goals.

Family Style School said...

Great Goals.

Following you from the Crew.

Sarah said...

following from the crew

Mary said...

Great goals! I am new to the crew and now following you via email subscription :)

Mama Manuscripts said...

Thanks for signing up as always!

I hope that you have a wonderful 50th!


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