Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Goal Planning Monday ~ Week 20

It is Goal Planning Monday. 
(Yeah, I know it is Tuesday but I was busy yesterday.)
How are you doing with your goals??
  1. Get back to exercising... this will be started today... including a weigh in since I haven't done that for weeks and weeks. I am scared to see what it will say and still will have many temptations and treats and special meals and a couple times eating out to contend with, but exercising and not sticking to my diet is better than not exercising and not sticking to my diet. Done. I exercised 2 days plus I walked for hours at Shady Maple on Thursday, at Longwood yesterday and today at Winterthur and at the mall with our visitors from Texas.
  2. Blog about books I have read. Not Done. It is on my list for this coming week... again.
  3. Post Longwood Gardens pictures from May. Partly Done. Part of the pictures are posted. I still have some to post which I will do tomorrow morning. Then in the next week I have new photos from yesterday at Longwood, to post.
  4. Read, though I don't know how much of this I will accomplish as I have lots to do and our guests from Texas to entertain. Done. I finished reading Love's Unending Promise. I love this series and it has been years since I read it. Finishing reading this book is good but now adds to my list of books I need to review. I am now trying to finish some other books I have already started before I continue on with the series.
  5. Log books into Book Collector. Not Done. Not even attempted... no time.
  6. Start working on portfolios... at least prep the section pages witch I use scrapbook materials for. Not Done. Not even attempted. Jessica and Sarah had my scrapbook stuff in the living room, maybe this coming week. I have some new stickers and I want to make time to do it this coming week.
  7. Get caught up with Bible reading. Not Done. I did read my Bible some days, but not every day, I even read double some days, but I am still behind.
  8. Spend some one-on-one time with the boys while the girls have friends here. Partly Done. I spent time with Christopher one afternoon, playing on the Wii. I asked Nathan but he didn't want to and we were busy the rest of the week.
  9. Visit and comment on all the Goal Planning participants blogs. Done. I commented on all the posts that were linked up the day I had time to do it. I don't know if anyone linked up later that I missed... if I did...sorry.
  10. Get Blast From The Past ready for Friday. Done. I posted pictures of my daughters and I at Valley Forge from when they were younger and then pictures from earlier that week of my daughters and I and of my daughters and their friends from Texas and I.
  11. ... and... lots of activities with our Texas guests. Done. Let me see... what did we do since I last posted... late.. last week... Tuesday and Wednesday we stayed home, Thursday we went to PA to Shady Maple Smorgasbord, Shady Maple Gift Shop, Shady Maple Farm Market and Good's Store. Friday we stayed home, Saturday we stayed home; Sunday we went to church, came home for lunch, then went to growth group in the evening; Monday we went to Longwood and were there from about 9:30 until sometime after 3pm. We did take a break for lunch. Then we went home and had homemade pizza for dinner. Today was girls day out. The 4 girls and I went to Winterthur, took the house tour, wandered through the exhibits in the gallery, then went to the Mall for lunch, shopping and then dessert... then home about 6:30 or so. Tomorrow is the girls last full day at out house. The 2 weeks has gone by fast. Thursday at noontime they will be on the way home.
My goals for this coming week are:
  1. Work on portfolios of school stuff from this past year.
  2. Read.
  3. Blog about books I have read.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Catch up on Bible reading.
  6. Catch up on reading Power of a Praying Wife.
  7. Order stuff for school for next year, I usually have this done by now but our guests have delayed this since in late May we spent a lot of time cleaning and then the girls were here. Court did not want packages arriving while we were out showing our guests the town.
  8. One on one time with Jessica... it is her turn.
  9. Post new Longwood photos.
  10. Spend time with my family... especially the girls as they will be sad to see their friends go and may need some extra lovin'. 

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