Thursday, August 1, 2013

Think Back Thursday ~ Sleep / Sleepy / Tired
...asleep, sleepy, tired, bushed, exhausted, wiped out, beat, burned out, tuckered, done in, spent, weary, and/or fatigued.


Here are my sleepy babies...

Baby Rachel at the hospital

Baby Jessica at the hospital

Baby Nathan at the hospital

Baby Christopher at the hospital

 Me at the hospital after my C-section with Christopher.
I look just like I remember feeling.


Various sleep/sleepy/tired pictures of my kids
I evidently took a lot more sleepy photos of the boys then I did the girls.


... he could sleep anywhere.
This was during a nature co-op at a park.



 Nathan holding Christopher

Christopher- I don't know how he slept like this. I didn't leave him like that, I took a picture and then I put him to bed. I also don't know where the cushions to the back of the couch went... they are probably on the floor, the boys regularly threw them there and laid on them/played with them. I love that he stuck his foot between the cushions, helping him stay upright and has his hand between the wood boards of the back of the couch as well.
it is soooooo cute though

 Some of us are sleepy... some are awake!!

Christopher... fell asleep while reading a favorite book series.

Dear daughter, Jessica, and my Hubby... taking a nap.

Those are my lovely, funny, cute, adorable, wonderful photos....
I have a few more.... quite a few more actually and so...
I will be doing this theme again.

I can't wait to see your sleepy photos...
It's your turn.


Future Themes
August 8 - Garden / Gardening
your garden or one you visited, flowers or vegetables
August 15 - Stream / River
August 22 - Path / Road
August 29 - Architecture

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Kym T said...

I was going to say that you should do this theme again sometime! I have pictures of sleeping babies and toddlers I could dig up.

I love your sleepy baby pictures! How do kids fall asleep sitting up? It amazes me. I especially like the picture of Nathan sleeping on the bench in his winter jacket. 8-)

FlyMama Di said...

Debbie, I linked up. Love your photos!


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