Thursday, August 8, 2013

Think Back Thursday ~ Garden/Gardening

August 8 - Garden / Gardening
your garden or one you visited, flowers or vegetables

I am sharing our own garden this week. I have shared lots of other gardens before... favorites are Winterthur and Longwood.

We have not had many gardens of our own, but Rachel decided she wanted one and her dad obliged. She did a LOT of the work. We all reaped the benefits.

Digging the garden, getting it ready to plant

 Yeah, Rachel dug the garden. I don't know if either of the boys helped her or not but if they did I didn't get a picture of them so there is no evidence Rachel had any help.

 The Garden is doing well with Rachel's care and attention. Nathan stood there so we could tell how tall everything was.

Something is eating our leaves.
Rachel did her best to figure out what to do to prevent bugs from destroying our crops.

 I don't remember what this is but it is sure pretty.

 Picking from the bounty God gives.

Our Gardener

Well, that's all I'm sharing today.

I wish we had planted a garden this year.
We sure could use the veggies.
Oh well, to late now.
Maybe next year.

Now it's your turn

Future Themes

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1 comment:

Kym T said...

She did a fantastic job of the garden, especially starting from scratch! I'd like to have a vegetable garden if one of my kids would take responsibility for it. I do NOT have a green thumb! LOL


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