Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hodgepodge Questions-Vol 92

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1. In your opinion what's the most important job in the world? Oh, and parenting is a given so besides parenting, what's the most important job in the world? Homeschooling - not only do I parent my children but I have the opportunity to guide and lead them in their education. To point them toward Christ every day, to lead them toward a Christian worldview in every area of life, to be the biggest influence in their life instead of a stranger or their peers, to have them grow in a loving home in relationship with their siblings.

2. Share a favorite or not so favorite memory from a childhood birthday. Had a sleepover party at friends home and they started playing this card game where if you lost you got your knuckles hit with the side of the deck of cards. I refused to play. One girl lost so often her knuckles started bleeding, that should have been a sign for me to go home but I stuck it out. I was then the first to fall asleep and I snore so they thought that was funny. They put peanut butter on my hand and tickled my nose while I slept. I wiped my face in my sleep and got peanut butter all over my face. I woke up immediately and they were laughing at me. I called my mom and went home. Those are not the kind of friends I wanted. I don't think I was ever friends with those girls again.

3. Peanut butter-crunchy or smooth? Ha!! you would ask this after the last story I just told.... LOL! Smooth!! for sure!

4. William Butler Yeats is credited as saying, "Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that but simply growth, We are happy when we are growing." Your thoughts? I have been reading How People Change for my devotions and growth can sometimes be hard. But, the results yield a fruit in our lives that can be shared with many and will bring us happiness. I like to challenge myself to be always learning new things for myself. Reading and trying new crafts and learning new things on my computer.

5. What's something that makes you cringe? People getting stuck with needles, can't watch!

6. Name a song that always puts you in a good mood? Anything by the Gaithers... do I have to pick one???  OK, I choose 2... I hope you enjoy!!

Oh, so you get the joke you need to know that the piano player, Gordon, is blind... love the singing... love the comedy!!!

7. The answer is yes. What's the question? Want to order Pizza for dinner??? lol

8. Insert your own random thought here. Can't wait to get away with a friend this weekend for a Women of Faith conference and sleep over at a motel. Yippee!!!!

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April said...

Love the Gaither Vocal Band! It sure wasn't very nice what those girls did you to you with the peanut butter, but I think much worse things happen at birthday parties these days. Kids can be so mean.

Veronica and Daniel said...

That birthday story makes me sad - mean people totally make me cringe! Have a fun time at Women of Faith :)

Joyce said...

The Gaithers reminde me of Sundays growing up. My dad loved their music and would play their records! as we got dressed for church. It is Finished makes me want to jump to my feet and applaud.

Enjoy the conference!


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