Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Think Back Thursday ~ September Themes

Tomorrow's Theme Sept. 6 :
(with or without people on them)

I know one friend that already has her benches picked out and plans to join my meme tomorrow? How about you??? Will you be joining us?

Future Themes:
Sept. 13 - Closeup 
(of anything, I would especially like you to use any closeup features you have on your camera, get to know your camera)
Sept. 20 - Back to School 
(this year, some other year, a bunch of years put together; of you, your kids, back to school supplies; whatever you want)
Sept. 27 - Relaxing/Peaceful
(whatever that means to you: a place, people, time of day, vacations, whatever...)

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1 comment:

Cristi said...

I took bench pictures over the long weekend and remembered an old one too. I look forward to sharing them tomorrow.


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