Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blogging through the Alphabet ~ Baby Boy

Blogging Through the Alphabet

From my title you probably expected to see pictures of a baby boy.
What you have instead is a picture of a cross stitch baby boy that I am stitching on a bib.
This gift is for my great nephew's coming son... he will be my first great-great nephew. 
Can't believe my sister will have a great grandson, she is way to young. The parents are young. 
My sister is going to be a great grandmother and I don't even have a married child yet.
Oh, well, not something I can control, all in God's time.
I am working on this a lot, I have to get this done so I can mail it to them.
I still have to do a bunny the little boy is holding, then take off the waste canvas and then do the back stitching.

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Kym Thorpe said...

very cute!

Shalynne Addison said...

Very cute! My Blogging Through the Alphabet post was about babies as well! :)


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