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On my blog post The Blog Cruise - ABCDF in a comment Michelle said... Debbie, I would love to see your transcript! I like how you list the different things that grading can entail!  So here you go Michelle.

You can click on each of the pictures below to see the details in a much bigger picture.
My daughter Rachel's Transcript.


My daughter Jessica's Transcript

 One thing to note. Neither of my daughters choose to go to college. If they were going to college I may have taken off some of those credits so it did not look... I don't know what to say... bold, prideful, boastful, fake? My daughters earned every one of those credits. They especially did a lot of reading and writing. I know homeschool High School students do usually have more credits than their public and private school peers but the amount of credits my girls earned may seem to be to much and may call our homeschool into question because mom is the teacher. We also count 120 hours as a credit (160 for Lab science) because a homeschool student accomplishes so much more during their classes. There is less wasted time due to attendance, passing out and collecting papers and other things like that.

These are the some of the pages where we recorded the details of the classes that Jessica did. Rachel did similar things and Nathan is doing similar things except he is doing more construction, home repair and car repair and the girls did more fine arts. These will give you an idea of the kinds of things the girls did for their classes. These pages are from Barb Shelton's Senior High: A Home Designed Form*U*La. You can purchase it at Rainbow Resource or go to Barb's site. Barb has a lot of extras on her site, so even if you buy it at Rainbow Resource check out Barb's site.

Earth Science 
On each page you list the books used, tapes listened to, project done, videos/dvd's watched, etc. on the top portion. On the bottom you see an Hour Check-off to keep track of hours to know when you have a credit for the class. 

Each of the classes below also had an Hour Check-off but I cropped it out for ease of viewing.

  English 5

 American History 2

Building Life Relationships

Building Life Relationships
(page 2)

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Michele said...

Hi Deb, just popped over to tell you that I will pick you up on Friday for bible study and we can spend some time together. Rachel is spending the night and day over a friends house, so i have the day to myself. I will call you this afternoon and find out what time and such.
Oh, and great transcripts!
Looking forward to seeing you

Debbie said...

Thanks Michele,
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning. I am waiting for your call.

Glad you like our transcripts.



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