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TOS Homeschool Review - Olde World Style Maps


I have to say that I just love Free Emoticons Homeschool in the Woods. You will see below that we own a lot of their stuff. We have never been disappointed in the quality of products we get with this company. Now they have New Map Sets!!

In the World Map set there are over 130 maps. It comes with a bonus of over 40 Notebooking pages! Each of the maps comes in at least 3 forms:
    1. With Text
    2. Without Text
    3. Without Title

The map with the whole world on also has a map without boundaries and it comes in large and small so there are 8 world maps to choose from.

Besides the maps of each country, there are other very helpful maps to match time period studies like Ancient Greece, Ancient China, Ptolemaic Map, Paul's Missionary Journeys, the 12 Tribes of Israel, and more. There are also maps of the Arctic and Antarctic regions and the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. These are great maps. The black and white format makes it so that your kids can color the maps themselves and it also saves on ink for your printer. The maps are well done and the quality is high as you would expect from Homeschool in the Woods.

Some of the coolest things in the World Map Set are the Notebooking Pages. The boys did some of these this week and they are great! Some of the pages include basic geography information the kids should know and fill out like Longitude and Latitude, Map Keys (they get to make their own symbols for this page, neat!), Geography Vocabulary, and more. Then there are pages for Explorers, a Brochure to create like you are visiting a place, Daily Life in the Country of... and you put in the country and the information for clothes, work, education, faith, holidays and more. These pages are a great bonus and great addition to any homeschool curriculum.

The U.S. Map set includes over 180 maps and comes with bonus Notebooking pages for each state! In this set there are three types of maps for each state:
    1. With Text (names of rivers, capital, and border states)
    2. Without Text (rivers are shown but not named)
    3. Outline only (just what it says outline only, add what you want)

There are some additional maps in this set also. Some historical maps like: Colonial America, Growth of the US from 1800 to 1959 in a number of increments, Native Tribes and others. There are also complete US on one map as Political and Physical. Each of these maps come with text and without.

There are many Notebooking pages included with the US set as well. Including a Fact page for each state which has information to be filled out like: number of state to enter the Union and date that happened, State Bird, State Rock, State Motto, and a place to put the state flag, along with other info.

There are also cover pages to use if you are doing a map set for either the World or the US maps.

These pages can be used for Ancient History to Modern History, Geography studies, Bible class, a study of the 50 states and more, they are so versatile and they can be used by all ages. You could even give the maps that are more filled out to younger students and the blank ones to your older students. I know we will be using these maps for years.

There is a Freebies and Sampler page so you can check out their stuff and they have a lot of freebies.

Other Homeschool in the Woods Products that I own and Love :
    1. Record of Time (timeline book)
    2. History Through the Ages (timeline figures) [I have the complete collection on CD and we love these!] {oh and if you do Mystery of History III there are bonus figures that cover each of the chapters not already in the packs on the Freebies and Samplers Page ...
   3. Placement Guide [so you know exactly where each figure should go on the page in the Record of Time]
   4. Time Traveler Series [I bought the Explorers Unit for this year and it is just packed!! the boys have really enjoyed it.]

On the website they also have the following pages and more:
Out of five stars I give the Homeschool in the Woods Olde World Style Maps

Because value and amount of maps and extras in these sets, I am giving Olde World Style Maps my Good Value Icon. You can order these sets individually in an Instant Download for $18.95 each or you can order them together in a Combo-Pak download for $28.95. You can also get each set on CD is $19.95 or you can get both sets on one CD as a combo for $29.95. Orders are made from this page: Homeschool in the Woods Olde World Style Maps.

To see what my other crew members have to say about Homeschool in the Woods Olde World Style Maps check out the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog.

***Homeschool in the Woods provided me with the Olde World Style Maps as an instant download so that I could do my review. Though I received this product for free I have given an honest review of it here in this post.

I hope you found this review to be informative and helpful,

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