Monday, March 8, 2010


More photos from Winterthur.
Click the pictures to see close ups
I could not choose a favorite. 
I like how they all came out.
Which one is your favorite.
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Melting Snow . . . Dripping

Interesting Shape and Shadow

Gourds from last year
(I love how this picture turned out)

Snow Covers the Peony Garden
(love the shadows)
 Peony Garden Bench
. . . Come Relax A Spell

. . . from snow probably

I will be posting some more pictures later in the week. I will not be using only Winterthur pictures for my challenge this week though, because we are supposed to be taking photos daily. Not taking tons on one day and making them count for the whole week . . . or month. I took enough photos on Sat. that I could probably do one a day for the whole month!!! But, I won't. That is why there are extra's today.



Tracy said...

All great shots but I love the tree/shadow one!

Anonymous said...

The tree shape is so cool - that is my fav too!


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