Sunday, May 6, 2012

More Digital Scrapbooking

I decided to just post my other two digital scrapbook pages in a separate post. I thought my friends might forget to come back and look at the old post if I just updated it.

This page covered a My Memories challenge.
We had to use only black and white photos.

I am very, very happy with how this page came out.

My Dad died in 1976. I was only 14.
Oh, how I miss my Daddy.
This photo is very sweet and precious to me.
Here's a Kiss for you Daddy.
I hope God can deliver it to you.

I am not as happy with this page as I was with the other ones I made yesterday.
This was for a speed scrap, though I wasn't very speedy. It took me hours and my hubby was very frustrated because I kept him up late. 
I should have just skipped it but I wanted to participate in my very first speed scrap.

Here were the steps for the speed scrap
Get one of those awesome kits ready that our SUPER DUPER MMS designers gave away in the blog train.
Step 1: Choose 2 background papers: 1 solid and 1 patterned.
Step 2: Choose 2 photos. Make one square and one circle shaped.
Step 3: Made 2 paper square shapes and 3 paper rectangle shapes. Place them so they are touching at least 1 photo.
Step 4: Choose 8 embellishments. Have 4 touching each photo.
Step 5: Choose 3 additional embellishments and place them anywhere on the page
Step 6: Date, Journal, shadow and anything else that you want to add to your page!

I am the baby in the picture below.
My Dad is holding me and next to him is my Mom,
then comes my brother Bob who was 9 when I was born,
then my sister Chris who was 12 when I was born,
lastly my brother Lew who was 15 when I was born.

I have one more page to do by Tuesday night. That is for a $100 shopping spree at My Memories scrapbook shop. For that one we only have a theme we have to follow. I will be working on that on Mon. or Tues.

You should expect to see a lot more scrapbook pages here on my blog. I like the software and I just bought and received more kits to use with it.

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